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Adrian Sutil Q&A: ‘It’s one of the most important seasons in my career’

"I just know the field is very close together, even closer than last year. If in Melbourne all the cars are close together then the chances are higher to get off the back row. Last year it was not easy because the gap was half a second to a second, and it didn’t matter if some cars had problems in qualifying, we were always on the last row. But that’s not how we are thinking right now, we are thinking more about being in the midfield and hopefully running there because we are strong."

Bernie Ecclestone sold £57m house after his wife refused to move in

"Within months of viewing the spectacular 55,000sq ft property overlooking Kensington Palace in London, the Formula 1 boss had snapped it up for £50 million, making it the most expensive private house in Britain at the time."

Fry's vanishing act fails to make questions disappear about Honda team

"After the presentations Fry refused to speak to journalists eager for news on the fate of the Brackley team and the 700 jobs it maintains. By leaving the building immediately after his prepared statement on Fota's help for Honda in its time of crisis, Fry did nothing to dispel the growing impression that he has been marginalised at the team he once led."

Brawn gives more juicy details

"Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Brawn makes the key revelation that he had the choice of Ferrari or Mercedes engines but chose the Mercedes because it was easier to fit into the Honda chassis. This is interesting because it had been widely believed that Ferrari had said no."

Stewart to relinquish part of RBS fee

Sir Jackie Stewart to work for RBS for free in 2009.

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6 comments on “F1 links: Sutil expects close field”

  1. Perhaps Ross Brawn has already dispensed with Mr. Fry before the season has started and only needed his help to get the team started.

  2. Is there a chance that Brawn could get Jean todt in to help him out, or is he still linked with ferrari,
    Could Schumi come back as well?

    1. Or is it that after all the years he put in for the Red Team, and the way he turned the team round, they still turned round with a big fat NO! ??

    2. Who turned ’round with a big fat no?

    3. just speculating – did RB ask Ferrari for help?

  3. Respect to Jackie. Now that’s good PR…

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