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Interesting Stuff 2009-03-09

"F1Fanatic.co.uk seems fairly impressed" Quote from Mark S about the BBC's F1 site made it onto the BBC Internet Blog. Nice one Mark!

Brawn to get backing from bwin?

"The new Brawn GP team is reported to have landed funding from the Austrian online betting company Bwin Interactive Entertainment."

Bullish Trulli predicts massive year for Toyota

Jarno Trulli: “Slicks can be an advantage for me because on grooved tyres I had some problems, especially with front graining, which I really didn’t like.”

A load of rubbish

A comment thread worth getting into.

Button: It feels like a fresh start

Jenson Button: "It's also a beautiful car, which is difficult to say with these wings, but this is definitely a beautiful car."

Martin Brundle

Martin's Brundle's official site – I hadn't seen it until it was posted here by Spoonbrains.

Still tripping down memory lane

"While I was surfing the F1 forums and whatnot trying to make our plans that year I discovered that there would be driver autograph sessions on Thursday, during pit walkabout. Driver. Autograph. Sessions. Oh. My. God. One of the drivers scheduled to participate was the lovely and talented Fernando Alonso. I love him. Needless to say, this was now priority number one for the weekend."

Q&A with James Key – We are pretty encouraged

James Key: "We need to learn more about the tyres and we’ve got a few new bits to put on the car as well. We are starting a bit later, so we’ve had to compress our programme a bit."

Interview with Rosberg & Nakajima

Kazuki Nakajima: "We have all the tracks loaded into our simulator so I’m currently spending a lot of time on it preparing for Australia and Malaysia, which is great to be able to do. There was a bit of work done to it over the winter to adjust for the new rules, but now it is almost identical to the car on the track so I’m using it for set-ups and race simulations."

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13 comments on “F1 links: BWin tipped for Brawn deal”

  1. i’ve always liked martin brundle. i don’t care for 100% flash websites, but his is nice nonetheless. a site linked from there is PURE GOLD!

    James: “Everyone’s going round the paddock this morning saying, ‘Is (Button) going to Toyota or is he going to BAR?’ It’s like ‘cheese and onion or salt and vinegar?’ ‘Boxers or briefs?’”
    Martin: “… I was just thinking about cheese and onion briefs there or something. You lost me there, James!”

  2. Haha, congrats Keith! :D

  3. If Nakajima is having that much fun on the simulator, why is he bothering to race? :-)

  4. lol I enjoyed Brundle’s quotes on he’s site…

    1. diseased rat
      10th March 2009, 9:03

      Someone should tell Martin Brundle that all flash websites are a disaster.

  5. Please correct me if I`m wrong……In South Africa Shell are running an Ad that says they have been supplying Fuels to Ferrari for sixty years….but what were Agip doing up until the early 90`s….? ? ? And looking at some old pics from the 70`s and 80`s I don`t see any Shell decals on any of their cars…only Agip……

  6. Well Keith do you think that Joesaward should have made is a bit clearer he wasn’t having a go at you in his load of rubbish blog? Or do you read between the lines and maybe he is having a go at sites like yours?
    We need a place like your site so the ordinary person on the street can have their rant and rave about issues, I mean Nick Fry seems to be disliked by many and seena s the catalyst to honda’s downfall since the departure of Dave Richards. He may still be with the team and had a big hand in saving thr team,nobody knows yet. But we all have a right to our say. I am in a minority of one it would seem with my dislike(disgust really) of Ross Brawn but your site gives me the opportunity to say what i feel. Where else would i have that chance. And does it matter that everyone else disagrees with my opinion, of course not.
    I think the likes of Joesaward should make things clearer when they are displeased with various mediums for f1 stories.

    1. Based on his comments I don’t think he was having a go at blogs, although that wasn’t totally clear from the article. He’s got a new story up on Grandprix.com today which I think explains a bit more about what he was getting at regarding Brawn GP:


  7. That ‘Tom’ character in the Alonso autograph saga is definitely the unsung hero!

  8. BTW, that check out the colours of the Bwin logo….


    coincidence? methinks not.

    1. “Change that orange to a fluro yellow, and we have a deal”

  9. Brawn GP

    Lets hope they soon find a major backer, could be Bwin or another. As for livery, Brawn GP have a clean sheet of paper, so if from day one they present an elegant, classy look they will be seen as an upscale team and sponsors will be more willing to associate their name with them.
    Perhaps a tuch of British racing heritage could be incorporated. I LOVED the livery of the ex-Jaguar F1 team ! Maybe the livery of Brawn could be dark metallic green, with maybe gold on the tip of the nose, as a tribute to glorious memories of the past …. the wheels, always with a touch of silver or chrome, never all-black. Black wheels look old and common.
    Instead of a generic, funky livery with black wheels, Brawn has the opportunity of drawing on the best looks of the past from the fantastic racing heritage of G.Britain
    Cheers and good luck to the team !

  10. Hey Keith have you ever seen this link b4?

    i’m guessing the guy is NOT a schumacher lover lol


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