Jarno Trulli explains the TF109 (Video)

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Jarno Trulli explains how the 2009 technical regulations shaped the design of the TF109 in this video from Toyota.

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9 comments on “Jarno Trulli explains the TF109 (Video)”

  1. Yeah good luck with that Jarno!!!

  2. Good luck!
    Wish all teams to have atleast one victory this season ;)

  3. having never seen a f1 car up close i’m very surprised at how massive the car actually is.

    1. Yeah when the first time i seen an F1 car i was amazed at the sheer size of the thing.

    2. the Ferrari 2007 had a wheel base of 5.76 metres, thats the size of an S600 merc.

    3. You wait till you find out how LOUD the things are!
      They have the ability to induce pain at 50 metres; bleeding from the ears at ten metres.

  4. Why do I find it hilarious that Mr Trulli train himself is the one telling us how easy it should be for cars to overtake now?

  5. Are you declaring an end to the “Truli Train”?

  6. Thanks for that Jarno…

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