F1 links: Quick fix for McLaren?

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Mark Hughes on McLaren's problems

"It is probably a problem that can be switched off relatively easily – but only once it’s been identified." From where McLaren are at the moment that sounds very optimistic.

The Top 10 Most Futile Formula 1 Teams of All-Time

Teams with the most starts yet zero wins.

Apologies and How Blogs and News Can Co-Exist

The Journalist and the Blogger

The Saward debate continues

Ecclestone: no chance for Silverstone

Bernie Ecclestone: "We have not got a spare date."

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11 comments on “F1 links: Quick fix for McLaren?”

  1. Maybe mclaren should take the sandbag off their car to make it go quicker :)

    1. Maybe its time for another team to take on the Red Cars for a season or two……
      I would enjoy that just as much!

    2. Or maybe 2 other teams completely should fight for the championship. I’d love to see BMW, Renault, Red Bull and Brawn fight for the wins much more than the arrogant McLaren or Ferrari teams.

    3. Demon_racer74
      17th March 2009, 13:57

      been told there is a problem with the floor… not sand bagging…

    4. Huh? I thought the Brawn GP cars were white with neon green trim. :-P

  2. Bernie Ecclestone is acting like a spoilt child when it comes to the british grands prix. He couldn’t get his way some years ago, so now wants to take it out on Silverstone and maybe even Donnington.
    All he is bothered about is money money money. All these new markest and race circuits are willing to pay him what he wants so he doesn’t care about all us avid fans and the people who are really paying the money to him.

    It really makes me sick. And i, for one would gladly support a change to a new formula, even if it means the end of f1/formula 1/formula one or any other guise that the |FOM has the rights to.
    Then we’ll see how bernie and the cvc likes it when they have the rights to something that pays nothing.

    1. agreed

    2. Completely agreed guys. The thought of an F1 season without the British GP is so terribly wrong that it hurts even thinking about it. I’m not British, and have yet to visit the country, but there is no way that Britain should lose it’s place on the schedule, and that appears to still be a very real possibility at this time.

      One would think that Bernie’s basic patriotic feelings would kick in and safeguard the race, but apparently those have faded away with his age as well…..

  3. They can Call it FOTA 1. And I will be a supporter.

    1. Indeed, but Bernie will probably try to sue for copyright use because of the “FO” in the name :(

    2. FOTA 1 GRAND PRIX, with all the present teams and drivers,…….3 or 4 races in America, historical venues redone to their old layouts but with safety features, reasonable distribution of moneys among brothers and gentlemen, reasonable technical rules agreed by all …
      All this handled by a comitee of people with talent and imagination, and love of the history of the sport.

      The tacky regime of Mathusalem Bernie will soon come to and end if we so wish. Let´s get the torches !

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