Codemasters’ F1 game delayed to 2010?

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A report in the Official Playstation Magazine claims Codemasters’ F1 game planned for 2009 has been delayed to 2010.

A spokesperson for Codemasters said:

It is all just speculation for now. The reason we haven’t said anything formally is that rumours regarding release dates crop up all the time.

We’re going to be making an official announcement within the next month regarding our publishing plans for the F1 games.

The last official Formula 1 game was based on the 2006 season.

Only a few days ago on this site we were discussing how important F1 games are in bringing young fans to the sport. But we might all have to wait a bit longer for our next fix.

Almost 200 comments have been received from fans on this post discussing ideas for the new F1 game: Codemasters 2009 F1 game wish list.

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45 comments on “Codemasters’ F1 game delayed to 2010?”

  1. If only there would be a Grand Prix 5 – that would sort it out. I’m worried that after waiting soooo long for Codemasters the game could be a complete dog or aimed at the more ‘fun’ arcade type games.

    The Microprose Grand Prix series was brilliant and still is…

    1. I wholeheartedly agree

  2. there are plenty of rfactor mods

  3. I really hope this game isn’t delayed. I have my xbox 360 and my steering wheel and pedals just sitting here, waiting to play that game…

    1. get the ps3 and f1:ce lol.

    2. Why would you buy a £300 console just to play what is widely regarded as one of the most half-heartedly develpoed F1 games?

    3. ajokay: f1 ce is still the best console f1 game….I don’t see codemasters doing much, grid sucked.

    4. I think you’ll find “F1’97” on the PS1 is the best console F1 game.

      The cheats on that game were hilarious, including having little Murray Walker and Martin Brundle mupped-type characters sitting at the bottom of the screen yapping away in time with the commentry.

    5. Im right with you i got my Playstation 3 and steering wheel for christmas thinking it would be out by July and we are still waiting not happy. i think they should make it more real than Championship Edition and have Data Analizing in it i race profesionally.

  4. F1 challenge for ever. Put some mods on and its the best Formula 1 game ever built!!!

  5. I just hope that if there is a longer delay then it means they are putting more effort into pleasing the hardcore fans rather than the casual players.

    The same should be said of those in charge of the real formula one, who seem to care only about themselves.

  6. I still play with GP4 (updated to 2008 teams and tracks) – it’s still the best FORMULA ONE simulator around. And I’m including all that kiddy games released for consoles and kind of arcade games released for PC… No one even reaches near…

    It’s only too bad that Codemasters itself don’t update the game and it’s people around the world that make tracks, helmets, cars, carpacks, trackpacks, seasonpacks, the works… And well done!

    Remember – the game was released on June 21st, 2002…

    Still alive and kicking (with all the updates for the last season)

    1. easy mate, how/where did you get the 2008 updates for Gp4
      trying to find on Net is a mission.

    2. I have just updated the brilliant GP4 game to the 2009 specs teams and tacks, the problem i have is that i am running a simulator with wheels and pendals. the GPexe does not respond to the pedals.only the wheel. very frustrating the game and graphics are awesome the mod was released by VAZALM (see you tube) this is a torrent download of about 1 GIG. if some one could help it would be fantasic. also available is the 2008 full mod relaesed by SANTRON 5 (see you tube) this is also a torrent download, and also brilliant


  7. Pseudohendrix
    18th March 2009, 14:12

    GP4 is the only worthwhile F1 title imo. The Codemasters game is aimed at the US market as well as traditional F1 markets in Europe and the physics engine is based on GRiD which is awful. Basically, it will suck anyway

  8. Demon_racer74
    18th March 2009, 14:21

    i cant belive that codemasters are taking sooo long… Sony used to bash one out year after year up until 2006. then who knows what went on… thought i saw some screen shots last week of the tracks in a rendered state for 2009!! Talk about wet the taste buds !!! PLEASE HURRY UP !!!! VERY BORED RACER !!!!

  9. The microprose grand prix games are fantastic. Grand Prix 2 was my first exposure to Formula 1, (as a 10 year old on a 75mhz PC!) and I was completely enthralled. Also there are some rumors that polyphony digital’s (of GT fame) next project will be a fully licensed F1 sim. Sounds quite promising to me!

  10. With all the rules changes Im not suprised they are delaying it. Im sure if ’09 season would have old rules it would be easier for them to develop. But if I need to wait longer just to get good F1 sim then I will wait, no problem here as I have F1Challenge 99-02 with mods for ’03 – ’08 – a lot to play (and to tweak cause latest mods for 08 arent too perfect).
    Just hope that Codemasters F1 game will be much above Sony level, and at least at Image Space (EA) level.

  11. Good riddance. It’s going to suck.

  12. Obviously the market for an f1 game is not big enough because otherwise there would be annual releases of these games as they have for NASCAR FIFA, etc.. It would be best to assume we can expect another average release of this game whenever they decide to release. I am not holding my breathe.

    1. Well for almost 10 years there was, from 1995 through to around 2004, there were annual releases for official F1 games, firstly from Psygnosis (later to become Sony Liverpool) and then from EA.

      Then there were the sporadic releases on N64 (F1 Pole Position and F1 World Grand Prix) which were the 1996 and 1998 seasons, along with Grand Prix 2 (1994) Grand Prix 3 (1998) and Grand Prix 4 (early 2000’s).

      EA then came up with the F1 Challenge games in the early 2000’s.

      The market is big enough, the only reason there hasn’t been yearly updates in recent years like there used to be is the face that Sony was made the lone licence holder for F1 video games, and squandered it, releasing 2 games (one for PSP, one for PS3) in about 4 years. On top of that, only releasing on Sony’s own consoles (obviously), leaving PC, Nintendo and Xbox 360 owners wanting.

      So give Codemasters some time. They’ll come up with the goods, and they’ve already stated that the game will include content for both arcade style play as well as an accurate simulation.

  13. living dictionary
    18th March 2009, 17:12

    i think you mean – “breath”

  14. I hope they can release it and then add patches and tune the tracks with updates. They could definitely do it for PC and consoles…
    Laser scanning the tracks might be a reason why its taking so long… I heard It can take more than 100 000$ just to rent the track for one day and sometimes it can’t be done in just 1 day…

  15. The formula 3000 and formula options on Race07 by Simbin are a lot of fun; anyone tried Race07 ?

    1. Yes, me me me me!! :D I race in the PrestoGP league, and competed in the RaceDepartment Nations Grand Prix league. Also, did you know that someone converted the rFactor F105 mod to Race 07? Find it at – it’s great! ;)

  16. I can’t wait until codemasters release a Formula 1 game.

    I have Race Driver Grid and I thoroughly enjoy it because of the realistic crashes and online play.

    But there is one fundamental point that I am worried about if they are going to use the same physics engine as Grid:

    The cars are too rugged and you can aimlessly throw the cars into the corners and end up ok. This is not what F1 is about. It should have a ‘finesse’ about it.

    I hope the damage is good aswell because in previous

  17. (sorry- accidently submitted before i finished)

    I hope the damage is good aswell because in previous F1 titles, it has not been good- mainly just the wings and wheels falling off and internal damage. I would like to see there to be more noticable body damage and that if you crash into a barrier at high speed, your car crumples and smashes to smithereens as this would make it more realistic.

  18. i was surprised to learn another piece of f1 technology comes from my demented state:

    1. forgot to add, i like playing gtr evolution :)

    2. I am a subscriber since august 8th and I’ve got to say its pretty addictive…
      I’m running this season in the C class road car, the formula mazda.

      Watch this if you want to learn more about iRacing:

  19. Richard Merk
    19th March 2009, 0:27

    I did some digging and found these premature screen shots.
    I looks like that are working on the wire frame, these were release less than a month ago.

  20. I have faith in Codemasters. I’ve always been a fan of their Race Driver games (usually called V8 Supercars 1 – 3 here in NZ) and the Colin McRae games. DiRT is excellent… I still play it alot. Really enjoyable. I am also a fan of Grid, however I can understand why some people don’t like it. Just remember, it was NEVER meant to be a simulation racer. It was an Arcade racer, and it pulled being an Arcade racer off rather well in my opinion.

    On one hand, I wish they would hurry up with their F1 game so I can play it. I’m so tired of F1:CE on the PS3, and would rather play something newer. But on the other hand, I’d like it to be the best it can be, which may require more time.

  21. I thought GRID’s car handelling was a bit far fetched even for an arcade game.

    I think as you play it, your mind looks at it and believes it’s a serious simulation because the graphics, modelling and effects are so good. Then you start steering the thing and it’s like you’ve been tricked.

  22. Bigbadderboom
    19th March 2009, 13:03

    When you consider most games are over shooting release date sthese dates it should come as no suprise, but I think codemasters have a lot on their plate with this games development.
    1) Initial feedback from gamers was that they wanted a detailed sim (not a basic arcade), involving much more R+D.
    2) I have struggled in the close season with rule changes, interpretations and the impact of KERs and such changes, imagine having to make an up to date game with it all in.
    3)Car modeling is an expensive and time consuming part of making a car sim, especially as the physics have to be defined individually for each car.(McLaren probably don’t know exactly how their car will look in melbourn!!!!) ;)
    4)Early reports that the basic game engine will be the same as the grid are off the mark as well, from what I understand the physics from the car engine and some of the noises are imports but generaly its a fairly new build game engine.

    My opinion is take your time codemasters, deliver a great game late rather than a half finished game on time, cant wait but as my mum always said “the best things in life are worth waiting for!” (or words to that effect)

  23. The best race driving simulator bar none, F1 or otherwise is Grand Prix Legends by Papyrus. True it’s years old and based on the 1967 season, but if you want realism and a challenge it’s the only one out there.
    The physics model it THE most accurate ever on any racing car simulation and the sense of achievement when driving and overtaking succesfully is imeasurable. Many wonderful tracks have been created by enthusiasts over the years, but the challange of racing around the old 14 mile Nurburging in a 1960’s car on the Grand Prix Legends sim just cannot be bettered.

  24. Nooooooooo….I understand better late and good then early and crappy, but I want to get the F^&^()(&^(&^%*^%&$ game.

    Would have been great to be driving Melbourne at this moment…..


  25. Does anyone know if the new game will be available on the Nintendo Wii when it is eventually released or just on Playstation??

  26. i think that there should be a mode where you can create your own team and make the team progress and have the your own team there on career mode so u can race for them or join it together so you can get best of both.

  27. f1 should be just on ps3 because the ps3 can do more stuff. the 360 is holding the ps3 behind like it did with gta4 which was not good. the people who want f1 should buy a ps3 not an xbox

    1. yes totaly they sould buy the ps3 the x box 360 is just a cheaper version of the ps3 so up u xbox owerners

  28. easy peeps, anybody know a easy way to update Gp4 – season 2007/2008. did find a way on uTube, but the download link for 2007 on F1MODS is faulty?.?. would just love to have the new cars and teams/drivers for Gp4(taken me ages just to get used to the game again! L.o.l :-) and yeah do wish the codies would hurry up(kinda) with F1.09 until then just have to keep playin Forza2(wicked!game)on me 360 & Gp4 on me Pc. ooh not long to go to 1st pratice,then qualifying,then race….should be good…

  29. help, help, SIMPLE instructions needed to MOD Gp4 for 2007/2008 cars n Teams…………….Please! can patch or crack a game, but this is mad?

  30. Check this out, it dates back to 2008 but its still quite relevant:

    “GRID and DiRT are aimed at an arcade audience and they do that very well. F1 has different requirements and will get a completely different treatment from our in-house team, including full on sim options, physics, rules and regs etc. We will also have arcade requirements catered for as well. How this will be split we do not know yet, but split it will be.”

    I reckon that they won’t make it into a straight out arcade but offer both modes mainly because simulation can be so FRUSTRATING at times. Hopefully it won’t be a milked version of a true sim like in previous formula 1 games from sony. God that was horible.

    Oh and MAKE it FOR PC ASWELL!!!!

  31. Why the hell are they delaying the game the 2009 seasson will be over its so obious that brawn gp are gonnna win so buy the time that it comes out in 2009 for ps3 every1 is not gonna buy it they will buy the next game that codemasters release

  32. I totally forgot that there are so many freaking changes happening in f1 I’m sure it’s a bit difficult for codemasters to keep up lol. If they released an 09 game it would be up to date for about a week lol….. we just have to hold on tight. But I hope they release some screenshots or something a.s.a.p that would put me at some ease :) .

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