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Todt and Ferrari part company

"Todt’s ‘win at all costs mentality’ aligned with Schumacher’s and this led to some of the most controversial moments in recent F1 history, the ultimate being the decision to switch Barrichello and Schumacher so that the latter could win the Austrian Grand Prix of 2002, a move which led to a huge fine for Ferrari and the banning of team orders in F1."

Formula 1 will be decided on wins not points!

"The more I think about the new system, the more I think it may actually work. Only time will tell and come the last race in Abu Dhabi (wow, that sounds weird – I almost wrote Sao Paulo) we’ll all be in a much better position to see if the race win system works."

Renault to run KERS in Melbourne

"While most teams are still undecided about whether or not to introduce the technology for the start of the new season, Renault has seen enough of its device to sign it off for use in Melbourne."

Is F1 really as healthy as Bernie Ecclestone suggests..?

"The glitzy, champagne-fuelled Paddock Club is expected to be one of the areas hit hardest by the credit crunch, with corporate hospitality – for which it charges an average of $3,000 per person per day – likely to be greatly reduced as the number of VIPs entertained at grands prix looks set to tumble."

Putting The 8:19 Nürburgring Camaro SS Time In Perspective

"Muscle cars have come a long way since the 60s. The 8:19 lap by the Camaro SS would have been competitive in the 1967 German Grand Prix: the model year of the first Camaro. It would even have held the all-time lap record until lap six of the race, when Dan Gurney in his Eagle broke it with a time of 8 minutes and 18.2 seconds."

Abu Dhabi targets 3,000 extra rooms for F1 debut

"Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA) said on Thursday that the UAE capital's accommodation stock would increase by more than 3,000 rooms in 2009."

Donington boss blasts critics

Simon Gillett: "Things like pit complexes will keep coming out of the ground. At what point will they actually realise we are going to do it?"

McLaren's Tyler Alexander to retire

"The American originally joined McLaren as a mechanic, working alongside founder Bruce McLaren in 1963."

Trulli 'full of hope' for 2009 season

Jarno Trulli: "This car feels better than any other Toyota I have driven in pre-season so I am full of hope."

Brawn still a clear second ahead of the rest

"Yesterday’s lap time sheet was misleading. It showed Alonso fastest, but that did not tell the story."

Formula One WAGS

I loathe the term WAGs, but if you're interested in who the F1 drivers are dating, this is for you.

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10 comments on “F1 links: Jean Todt leaves Ferrari”

  1. I can honestly say i couldn’t care less whether Todt goes or stays with Ferrari.

    It’s obvious to me that it’s a precursor to a bid for FIA presidency.

    I hope not and we need someone new to take over from Max. Someone who knows what they are doing and not too political and can maybe save f1 from oblivion

    1. I hope that Todt does not end up in the FIA. He would be there just to make sure that Lou gets his extra money.

  2. Donington boss blasts critics

    All this for one race? :)

  3. Williams 4ever
    18th March 2009, 2:55

    Interesting development in the context that
    a)Schumi is pretty noncommittal when asked about Ferrari contract renewal.
    b) Brawn GP Blitzing the field in Winter Championship.

    Next thing you know is Holy trinity on Pitwall screwing up Rubinho’s race strategy :P

  4. Williams 4ever
    18th March 2009, 3:06

    ahh well just for those who care for all the WAG :-? http://www.wagrankings.com/racing/hottest-wives-and-girlfriends/P0/

    1. Flavio’s wife is a fox

  5. Renault to run KERS …
    The great variable about the recent testing times is what teams have been running KERS or not.
    Is this device better at improving individual laps or the total race strategy ?

  6. Putting The 8:19 Nurburgring Camaro SS Time In Perspective

    more fun from that race:

    hobbs and stewart reviewing the 1973 race:

  7. Todt leaving is a great loss to Ferrari, he is a great man and was one of the major players in reviving Ferrari to its full glory. Ferrari fans world wide owe a lot to him and I wish him all the best for the future.

  8. Jean Todt leaving Ferrari – what’s really going on behind the scenes, that’s what we all want to know…

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