2009 F1 testing: final pictures

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Fernando Alonso during testing

The final F1 test session has finished and we’re just one week away from the start of the new season.

Here’s a look back at the preparations for the 2009 season with a selection of over 100 pictures of all the teams, most of which have not been published here before.

More F1 pictures

Images (C) BMW ag, Bridgestone, Renault / LAT

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9 comments on “2009 F1 testing: final pictures”

  1. Great pics!

    There are no so many webs publishing pics of this dimensions.

    Big thanks for this, Keith

  2. Awesome pics but not that many for brawn gp

  3. Nice pics! Any latest news on who will sponsor Brawn GP?

  4. Desktop wallpapers ahoy!

  5. Very nice pics .Thanx Keith !

  6. hey IDR, all u need is a pass, kindly email some teams and some will issue one.

  7. Thanks for the shots! Great stuff!

  8. I wanna see more pictures from the best driver!!!
    “Felipe Massa”

    Go ferrari!!
    Go Massa!!
    Go Brasil!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ferrari? GO Brawn!!!

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