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Red Bull have produced another one of their impressive F1 videos looking ahead to the new season.

It’s narrated by Sebastian Vettel (“for me it’s more than just a car – she will never let me down”!) and explains how the car gets to the track from the design board.

See their prevous video here: Red Bull RB5 sneak preview in video

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13 comments on “Red Bull 2009 F1 preview video”

  1. Works fine for me, normal youtube requirements, javascript enabled and flash player installed for your browser of choice.

    I liked it

    1. Working fine for me too.

  2. Cool vid. i hope they get some wins

  3. if the budget cap comes in they’ll have to sack their full time 3D animators and video production team…

  4. ya know, that was pretty good.

  5. Bigbadderboom
    20th March 2009, 9:22

    I love these promo vids, bur Seb mate……..far too cheesey!!!

  6. thoroughly enjoyable movie, although what was the last bit all about? “Time to get up m’lovlies” a german doing cornish?

    The BBC could learn a thing or two about promos from Red Bull!

  7. Agreed. Far better than any BBC effort. I cringe watching the BBC F1 promo.

  8. great video!

  9. awesome. where do you download the video?

  10. My excitement and anticipation is becoming positively palpable…

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