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Hamilton: 'A huge weight has been lifted and I can start to enjoy it' – Motor Racing, Sport – The Independent

Lewis Hamilton: "Not so much has really changed, except for the appearance of the car. It looks a lot different, but in general the car feels very much the same. Obviously, you notice the low downforce, and you have the new controls. Kers feels pretty awesome. There is a slight difference, obviously, between the slick tyres and the old, grooved rubber. You have much more contact area on the front tyres, but the rear tyres feel very similar. There's more mechanical grip but we have less downforce, so things balance out. The level of driveability is the same, except for the degradation of the tyres."

Lewis Hamilton ponders how to bypass car trouble

Lewis Hamilron: “I'm not going into this championship thinking about how I'm going to defend the title – that's not what I'm going to do. I'm going to win the title – that's the goal at the end of the day. I am very, very happy with what I've achieved, but now is the beginning of something new. Every year I've got better. Every year that I've stayed in a category, I've always got better … I've won in Formula One in my second year. I'm already better than I was last year in terms of my physical and mental preparation, in terms of the balance of my life. So if things just continue to get better and I continue to work and improve my driving and understanding of the car, then I see no reason why we can't win more.”

£22m… but I'd do it for nothing

Lewis Hamilton: "I am happy with the way things are. I could easily go and sign a lot more sponsors but then that is less time. I could cram it all in and potentially make loads more money or I could enjoy my life as well and keep it balanced. Right now it is nicely balanced. So I am not particularly looking for more sponsors."

ForceCast – Force India F1 Team

Force India's new podcast

Tour around a Formula One team HQ

"Take a tour of Force India's F1 headquarters with its team manager Andy Stevenson and have a look at their final preparations for the new season."

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