Virgin to sponsor Brawn GP?

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The Times claims Brawn GP is about to reveal a sponsorship deal with the Virgin Group.

Virgin was previously tipped to buy the team outright but is now expected to join as a sponsor.

This could mean a dramatic change in livery for the team which, up until now, has run in white with yellow and black trim.

Earlier today Jenson Button revealed his new helmet design will carry those colours this year – but will the rest of the car carry more of Virgin’s corporate red and white?

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18 comments on “Virgin to sponsor Brawn GP?”

  1. I’d like to see them with a big sponsor backing them for sure, but I do like the flouro, black and white livery. It looks like a 90’s shell suit :p

    Virgin Brawn GP? To be fair I wouldn’t be too keen on that sponsor before my name..

    Also if it was Virgin Drinks getting involved could we see Coca Cola or Pepsi appearing?

    1. From what the article says Rob, Virgin may not have acquired Title sponsorship rights (i.e. they won’t be part of the team name)… yet anyway ;-)

      This is great news to see them with proper big sponsorship backing. Though, obviously, the details of the financial amount is yet to be clarified.

    2. It seems I was on the money with Virgin BGP… Really not too keen on the red with the white/black/fluro :(

  2. Virgin would be a very welcome addition to the pit lane. If not as team owners then as (title) sponsor to one of the teams. Downside, though, is that it could mean that we have another red-white team on the grid.

  3. theRoswellite
    26th March 2009, 15:10

    What is that long line in the paddock? Of course…commercial interests queuing up for possible Brawn GP sponsorship.

    (How long does it take paint to dry? And, more importantly, is there any regulation against starting a GP in a “wet” car…someone grab the rule book!)

  4. Bigbadderboom
    26th March 2009, 15:32

    I think it’s a great pairing, Virgin have a fairly diverse and dynamic brand which compliments F1 perfectly, does this mean we will be seeing more of the bearded one at race weekends???

  5. aha, I predicted this some time ago.
    Glad to hear they found a ‘big’ sponsor!

  6. They should put the Virgin logo on the diffuser!

    That would get some attention.

  7. Autosport say that Branson is cutting short a family holiday to fly to Melbourne and get the deal signed

    I bet he wants to make sure he has the Virgin name on the car as quick as possibly considering all the press coverage the Brawn car will get with the diffuser row and its anticipated performance in the race.

  8. Though it has been said that this deal has been in the making for more than a few weeks now, can’t see the team running in a hastily daubed logo this weekend. Nice shiney white car is gonna get a splash or two of Virgin red eh? Well and good for Ross and the rest of the team. Great to see them confounding the odds and even appearing at Melbourne, let alone going in as favourites to lift a trophy.

    Virgin are a hugely successful British brand which has somehow managed to maintain a very cool branding profile, despite such diverse, and sometimes naff products, such as cheap cola, expensive mobile phone contracts and banking and credit card services. Good to see ’em join the party.

    Hope BrawnGP are going to stay around for a while, would hate to see Ross sell out after a few years and the team slide off the grid as happened to Stewart.

    Damn, still 6 hours till 1st practice.


  9. This is very good news !
    Hopefully the livery will not be a generic red and white like Toyota : maybe it could be dark metallic green, gold and red. The bottom half of the car in dark green, gold down the middle and in the front spoilers, and red in the upper part. The wheels, with high-shine silver on the outside and black on the inside.
    They should make it look a little ” British” in my opinion.
    Cheers and good luck !

  10. I have a conspiracy theory on this one…

    I think Honda knew from the outset that Brawn was going to take the team on.

    Opening negotiation with several big names to potentially buy the team then closing the door at the 11th hour. What a great sales pitch to attract potential sponsors; someone who has expressed an interest in buying the team.

    Just a thought.

    1. Terry Fabulous
      27th March 2009, 1:43

      Very VERY likely Spencer!

  11. Fantastic news to help secure Brawn’s future. Virgin is a natural for the team: British company, British team, British top driver.

    In fact, Jens has a very “Virgin” look to him. This is a match well made.

  12. Virgin Brawn….or Virgin Brawn Mercedes will it be known as?

    Sounds very porno…

  13. apparently all the media is that it’s not a title sponsorship, but a major one. i don’t see why they cant slap on some virgin logos, wouldn’t be hard, plenty of whitespace for logos.

  14. i love the brawn livery as it is. i will be very disappointed if we have another red and white car.

  15. Really pleased for Brawn F1. Thats a great name for a team as well.
    Hope Branston is just a sponsor as I dont fancy Virgin as the name. After all he has Just jumped on the bandwagon after they proved themselves.

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