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Sebastian Vettel starts from third on the grid
Sebastian Vettel starts from third on the grid

Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello dominated qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix. Here’s a selection of pictures of all the teams and drivers during today’s qualifying session.

If you’re in Melbourne for the Grand Prix this weekend you can share your pictures with us by uploading them to the F1 Fanatic

Images (C) Ferrari spa, Williams / LAT, Getty Images, Toyota F1 World, Force India, F1 Team, Bridgestone, Daimler, Brawn GP, BMW ag

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  1. Some stunning images you’ve got here Keith, as always.

    F1 Fanatic always proves to be such an excellent source of great GP photos, and a nice place to get desktop wallpapers.

    How do you get all these? Are they just shared by nice photographers under CC somewhere, or do you have to seek them out yourself?

  2. They’re released by the teams for use by the media. Ditto some of the video used on here too. The actual photographs are taken by photographers representing different agencies.

  3. May you give us some official pictures of those 20 drivers

  4. and thanks for all your great pictures

  5. Hi, i´m sorry for my bad english… i´m brazilian, i dont speak english…..
    whats the fame of the barrichello in Europe???? I like very, very much of Barrichello as driver and as person… but, in Brazil he is considered a driver ridiculous for the brazilian people and the humorostic tv shows….

    For me, Barrichello is great man and great driver…. for me. For brazilian People, Felipe massa is very better…

    My Web Site (profile in Google Orkut) is:

    Thanks (and more a time, sorry my down english)

  6. thanks for all the great pics

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