Toyota drivers lose qualifying positions

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Toyota drivers Jarno Trulli and Timo Glock will start the Australian Grand prix from the back of the grid after being excluded from qualifying.

The rear wings of their TF109s were found to be in contravention of the rules limiting how much they may flex.

Glock and Trulli originally qualified sixth and eighth respectively. But they will start the race 19th and 20th. Toyota are not appealing the decision. A statement published by the team said:

Toyota Motorsport has been informed that the rear wing of the TF109 has been found to demonstrate “extreme flexibility” by the Australian Grand Prix stewards.

The design has passed our own internal test procedures which are designed to reproduce twice the proscribed official load tests. In light of this decision it is clear we must review these procedures to ensure there is no repeat of this situation and we will also review our production processes to ensure there is no variation between parts.

We naturally accept and respect the decision of the race stewards.

We intend to modify the components overnight and we are confident these modifications will not result in any performance drop.

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10 comments on “Toyota drivers lose qualifying positions”

  1. i heard toyota are not the only one’s that could be starting at the back of the grid as williams have lodged a complaint against red bull and ferrari’s rear wings as well. oh well i spose it would be good to see 3 of last years title challengers racing through the pack…

    1. At this rate McLaren’s best chance of winning could be to get all their rivals excluded…

  2. If Ferrari And Red Bull Are Punished Hamilton Will Start 14th, 1 Place Better Than He Qualified

  3. i read that they have been put at the back of the grid. i saw the revised grid as
    1.J.Button-1.26.202 Q3 0
    2.R.Barrichello-1.26.505 Q3 0
    3.R.Kubica-1.26.914 Q3 UP 1
    4.N.Rosberg-1.26.973 Q3 UP 1
    5.N.Heidfeld-1.25.504 Q2 UP 6
    6.F.Alonso-1.25.605 Q2 UP 6
    7.K.Nakajima-1.25.607 Q2 UP 6
    8.H.Kovalainen-1.25.726 Q2 UP 6
    9.S.Buemi-1.26.503 Q1 UP 7
    10.N.Piquet-1.26.598 Q1 UP 7
    11.G.Fisichella-1.26.677 Q1 UP 7
    12.A.Sutil-1.26.742 Q1 UP 7
    13.S.Bourdais-1.26.964 Q1 UP 7
    14.L.Hamilton-no time* Q2 UP 1
    15.S.Vettel-1.26.830*** Q3 DOWN 12
    16.M.Webber-1.27.246*** Q3 DOWN 6
    17.F.Massa-1.27.033*** Q3 DOWN 10
    18.K.Raikkonen-1.27.163*** Q3 DOWN 9
    19.T.Glock-1.26.975** Q3 DOWN 13
    20.J.Trulli-1.27.127** Q3 DOWN 12


    1. Or not. Autosport says Williams have withdrawn the protest.

    2. Anyone else think Jonathan Noble was a bit peeved when he wrote that:

      Despite hours of deliberation by the Australian Grand Prix race stewards following Williams’ complaints, and media and other officials being forced to remain at work in the paddock until the matter was resolved

    3. Yes keith i thought the exact same!!!

  4. Tough for Toyota… :(

  5. I think this is a big story and should be on the main page, not an Article in Brief! :)

  6. Hard luck Toyota :( … Oh well, maybe better next week!

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