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The late afternoon start for this year’s Australian Grand Prix gave a striking colour to photographs from the race.

Here’s a selection of pictures from the opening round of 2009.

More pictures from the Australian Grand Prix

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8 comments on “Australian Grand Prix pictures: race”

  1. Great shots! One thing that puzzles me though, with all the technological detail that surrounds F1, you would have thought that the teams would have some sort of laser guided, carbon fibre, fool proof piece of equipment for catching the Champagne bottle in! Time after time we’ve seen this job entrusted to an over excited mechanic with greasy hands, who more often than not drops it! Sort it out!!!!!!! Perhaps I need some sleep. Or to get out more.

  2. The end of day, dusk light was a nice change. Them shots up there do look nice.

    So happy to see Jenson do well. Maybe this year will be a good one for him. He deserves a good one.

  3. Barrichello did good!!!!!!!
    I hope that next time Massa and Piquet do the same…

  4. Hi, i´m sorry for my bad english… i´m brazilian, i dont speak english…..
    whats the fame of the barrichello in Europe???? I like very, very much of Barrichello as driver and as person… but, in Brazil he is considered a driver ridiculous for the brazilian people and the humorostic tv shows….

    For me, Barrichello is great man and great driver…. for me. For brazilian People, Felipe massa is very better…

    My Web Site (profile in Google Orkut) is:

    Thanks (and more a time, sorry my down english)

    1. in germany barrichello is just the man who always worked for michael schumacher. but he did a good job in germans’ opinion. so he never had the real chance to show his potential

  5. Great pics Keith!!!! (as always)

    I like so much this one in which one can see all small pieces of the front wing of webber spread over the air.

    I was not able to watch the first hour of the race and I could not see what have been happened, at the start, but with this picture I have a nice idea.

    Thanks again.

  6. Now that Ferrari DNF the race they must withdraw their appeal against double diffusers otherwise their appeal may end handing the win to Hamilton altogether, their sworn enemy number one. Meanwhile they must start working on “tripple diffuser” asap.

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