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DJDaveyP predicted the Australian Grand Prix better than anyone

DJDaveyP was the top predictor at the Australian Grand Prix weekend – he was the only person to correctly pick a Brawn GP one-two headed by Jenson Button, with Button also on pole.

He came out on top in the first predictions game of the year as we warm up for the F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship which will start at the Chinese Grand Prix weekend. Here are the results from the Australian Grand Prix:

First place: 35 points


Second place: 25 points

Paradoxos, Matt (2)

Fourth place: 20 points

Kallan, PawelF1, SamS, Simon, Luigismen, Sudhakar, Matt, Vegito2055, Phillippe, F1Fan, Keith Collantine

15th place: 10 points

Adam Lewis, Brody, Owen, Alastair, Ali, SYM, Dan Wells, Dan, Stealthman, Damjan006, Todd, Andy, Brendan, Pete Firestarter, SteveRobbo, Greg76, Dex69, Adrian, PJA, Rtut, Mystic Pizza, Darkcloud65, Whewbacca the cookie, Eddie Irvine, Loki, Rahzam, Cameron, Yosteffen, Bruno Cesar, Striay, TommyB, Cristian Fenichi, Darren, MacademiaNut, Donwatter, Kamran, Daniel, Haas, Pete Baldwin, Calhalla, Roser, Dave, Rcapanni, Nefastius, Michel S., Sriram, Bassfighter, Julian Billingham, Ioan, Sas, Graham 228221, Adam Tate, Toadette

Well played DJ DaveyP, and runners-up Paradoxos and Matt (one of two Matts who entered – might want to add a bit to your user names next time guys!). But can they repeat their form this weekend?

We’ll have a fresh round of predictions for the Malaysian Grand Prix on Friday. I’m thinking about tweaking the points system to spread the results out a bit more – leave any suggestions for how we could do that below.

We had over 200 predictions for the Australian Grand Prix. Join in the fun again this weekend – keep an eye out for the Malaysian Grand Prix predictions post after free practice two finishes on Friday.

But it all gets more serious when the Chinese Grand Prix weekend arrives and we start playing for prizes…

Update – OK so with Trulli promoted to third the scorers are now:

1st, 35 points – DJDaveyp, Simon, Luigismen, Sudhaker,

5th, 25 points – Alastair, Dan, Donwatters, Paradoxos, Matt (2), Ioan, Toadette

12th, 20 points – Kallan, PawelF1, SamS, Matt, Vegito2055, Phillippe, F1Fan, Keith Collantine

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43 comments on “Australian GP predictions results”

  1. Great comp Keith, keep up the good work!

    A suggestion for spreading the points – how about points for getting a driver in the top 3 but the wrong position. Say 2 or 5 points? At the moment you could have the top 3 drivers but in the wrong order and get no points for it.

    And I’m not just saying that because I had Barrichello 3rd!

    1. Macademianut
      1st April 2009, 15:40

      This comment should be an example for FIA for not changing to the medal system. BRAVO. :)

    2. Or use the difference between predicted order and actual order?

      correct position: 10 points
      off by 1: 6 points
      off by 2: 3 points

  2. I hope the on-screen graphics for everyone competing will include a little battery which shows how much energy they are spending on it……. :-)

  3. StrFerrari4Ever
    1st April 2009, 8:22

    damn i better try harder for Sepang :D

  4. Didn’t do to well here, but my ‘fantasy f1’ teams won me a pair of Mclaren shoes worth 140€ so I can’t complain :D

    1. Which Fantasy page do you use? I would like to join it with those type of prizes lol!

  5. I’m thinking about tweaking the points system to spread the results out a bit more

    How typically FIA of you! :D

  6. I noticed Keith is using a points system, but wouldn’t mind a medal system in F1 or winner takes all

  7. I reckon you should go for the gold medals system, mate ;-) points are just so outdated :-)

  8. I don’t accept that! It was illegal. I’ll appeal the decision immediately!

  9. Maybe we could have another category of prediction for each race, Keith.
    Number of Disqualifications, Penalties and Appeals.

  10. I actually won a predictions game! Wow!
    I must be getting better! I’m usually full of something!

  11. I said Barrichello Raikkonen Trulli would be 1st 2nd and 3rd… FIA took me that one with Trulli :(

  12. I don’t even remember my predictions, lol! I do remember trying to go for whatever anyone else wasn’t going for, a bit of a Spyker-Nurburgring-2007 tactic…obviously didn’t pay off as well!

    10 points is still better than a kick in the gonads! :D

  13. congrats djdaveyp. mois….10 pts…yippeee :)

  14. I went for Button 2nd and Barichello 3rd and got no points despite being really close on 2 drivers.
    someone could guess the right top 3 but in the wrong order and get no points while someone else gets one driver right and 2 drivers completely wrong and pick up points. something not quite right there.

    1. that souds like we must guess all the 20 places…
      and than after the race: why don’t I have points? :S I at least had all the 20 drivers… but not in the right order :D

    2. Gazzap – Yeah that’s why I’m thinking of tweaking the system!

  15. could you live somewhere a link so we could check exacly when we were tiping :P

  16. Thanks for tallying this Keith it must take some time, I want to say the effort is appreciated!
    I wouldn’t want it to become over complicated for you to score but I second Owens suggestion of a few points for guessing a top 3 driver regardless of whether they’re 1st 2nd or 3rd.

  17. Nah! Its about accuracy! Getting 1 right is better than getting 3 in the wrong order.

    1. I’m sorry but I think getting the whole podium in the wrong order is a little bit better than guessing the third placed driver or the winner only

      It’s hard to guess the whole podium! even if is not in the correct order

  18. My predictions were “trulli” disastrous… I put poor Jarno as poleman AND winner!
    But I am now in possession of a powerful weapon; just have to nominate my most hated driver as winner for Sepang and voilà… an awful weekend for him.

  19. The person who comes first in the most races should win! lol

    1. and second place can be decided by most points

    2. and third place can be decided by wins. Take that Bernie! Now who has the most complex and rdiculous system imaginable?

    3. (Mind you, this is for the fianl season-long positions. We should make the individual races’ points system even more complicated!)

    4. Now who has the most complex and rdiculous system imaginable?

      That would be NASCAR…

  20. Only now did I look into the scoring system of the game, and realized how flawed it is. It’s not a good system, Keith.

    If my prediction for the race is:
    1. Massa
    2. Kubica
    3. Hamilton

    And then the race result is:
    1. Kubica
    2. Hamilton
    3. Massa

    …then I score nothing. That’s just wrong.
    One should be awarded for guessing a podium finisher – regardless of his position. Guessing his correct position should be a bonus.

    4. Players score ten points for correctly guessing the pole sitter,

    That’s correct.

    ten points for correctly naming one of the top three in their correct position,

    Ok, so if I have:
    1 correct guess – I score 10 pts
    2 correct guesses – I score 20 pts
    3 correct guesses – I score 30 pts
    That’s fine.

    But now:

    25 for naming two of the top three and 50 for naming the top three correctly.

    These 25 and 50-point bonuses are nonsensical.
    It’s like awarding the winner of the race with 10 pts, and then awarding him with extra 25 pts for… scoring those 10 pts.
    The person who has the most correct predictions already scores more points (10<20<30) than someone who has fewer of them – so awarding him with an extra bonus just for doing so makes no sense.
    I think we may all agree that points should be awarded:
    a) in qualifying:
    – for guessing the pole sitter
    b) in the race:
    – for guessing a podium finisher
    Bonus points:
    – for guessing a podium driver on his correct position (the bonus for naming the winner may be bigger than for naming the 2nd and/or 3rd placed man)

  21. Whoops. I think I got the 10-25-50 thingy wrong, sorry.

    ten points for correctly naming one of the top three in their correct position, 25 for naming two of the top three and 50 for naming the top three correctly.

    I thought you were first awarding 10 for each correct guess, and then adding extra 25 or 50 in case of a multi-correct answer. Ok, I get it now.
    Nonetheless, the “Massa-Kubica-Hamilton” problem is still there and needs to be fixed.
    My proposition for ‘the spirit of the system’ is still as valid as it was :)

  22. The 10-25-50 thing it’s fine, I’m thinking 5 points bonus for each driver you guessed to be on the podium, but not in the correct order, for example:

    my predictions 1. Button 2. Hamilton 3. Vettel

    race result 1. Kubica 2. Button 3. Hamilton

    so I would have a 10 point bonus (5 for each driver) for having said that Hamilton and Button were going to be on the podium, but missed their correct positions


    1. I like this one – quite simple but fairer than the current method.

  23. @ Luigismen
    You’re abusing the word ‘bonus’. :p

    Prediction a:
    1.Massa 2.Kubica 3.Vettel

    Prediction b:
    1. Vettel 2.Trulli 3.Kubica

    Race result:
    1. Button 2. Massa 3. Kubica

    With your proposal:
    Score a – 10 pts (for guessing 2 podium finishers [2×5=10])
    Score b – 10 pts (for guessing 1 podium finisher at correct position)

    I don’t think guessing 1 result correctly should be worth as much as guessing 2 drivers correctly. Because prediction a) is so much better.

  24. well, maybe 3 points for each? that way
    a- 9 pts for guessing the complete podium in the wrong order
    b- 10 pts for guessing 1 podium position correctly


  25. @ Lugigismen
    That’s even worse! Horrible!
    You understood the opposite to what I’ve said.

    10 pts for guessing a driver – regardelss of his place
    5 pts bonus for a correct position – because the position itself is not as important as guessing the driver

  26. No, I’m sorry, I think you understood wrong

    Its 10 pts for guessing 1 correct position, 25 for 2 correct positions and 50 for 3 correct positions

    and beside that, 3 points for guessing a driver in the podium but not in the right order

    that way, guessing a correct position would worth 10pts and guessing the complete podium but not in order would be 9 pts

    that’s what I said

  27. “that’s what I said”
    – Yes, I know. And that’s what wrong.

    that way, guessing a correct position would worth 10pts and guessing the complete podium but not in order would be 9 pts

    Come on. This is ridiculous.

  28. If Hamilton loses his third place, Keith will have to recalculate the GP predictions — sorry, DJDaveyP :)

  29. GO STRIAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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