F1 links: Takuma Sato to IndyCar?

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On alternate tires and Sato

Takuma Sato is tipped to end up in IndyCar. Meanwhile the championship is considering a version of F1’s ‘alternate tyres’ rule. Its tyres are supplied by Firestone, a Bridgestone subsidiary.

F1: The Science Of Liveries

"This year’s grid has a wide selection of livery designs. To be honest, none are striking or ground breaking and most are conservative, compared to the designs seen in NASCAR, Formula Drift and Sportscar liveries. Much of this is down to the sponsors and their requirements. They need maximum clarity, exposure and for the logo to work, at speed on a TV screen or in newspaper print."

Murray Walker: My Australian Grand Prix moments

Murray's back

Why I could have been a contender

"As the man who beat Jenson Button to the British Formula 3 title, only to see the runner-up jump into Formula One instead of him, Marc Hynes could be excused for feeling a touch bitter and twisted as he watched his rival’s great victory in Melbourne."

Channel F1

Interesting lap time comparison tools

Photo Gallery: Australian GP Friday

Funny picture spotted by Vee8

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6 comments on “F1 links: Takuma Sato to IndyCar?”

  1. It would’ve been interesting to see what Marc Hynes thought at the time, rather than several years later…my guess is he wouldn’t have been too different from Paul Di Resta…still, good grace now :)

    That Andy Blackmore has the job I want (well, after Kimi or Massa’s, of course) – I think it’s inspired me!

  2. The ING photo says it all :) While I imagine that a creative fan put it up, the promoters at Melbourne- as well as with Montreal, Indianapolis, Magny-Cours, Hockenheim, and Silverstone- should be more than entitled to speak their mind in this fashion.

  3. I thought Sato should have been given another shot at F1. He did put in some good drives during his Honda days. It obvious the guy had pace, but he just wasn’t guided well. I think with a good mentor, he would have managed to stick around landing a decent drive.

    He’s one of the two Asians that have finished on the podium in F1, the other being Aguri Suzuki…and he’s the highest ever Asian point scorer.

  4. Interesting that that article says NASCAR and Formula D liveries are better than F1. Having watched both on tv they’re both pretty average.
    Nascar’s are just as bland and sponsor driven as F1, and a few of Formula D’s are pretty chintzy.
    I’d take most of the F1 liveries over either categories.

  5. Hi Keith

    would just like to say thanks for the link to my site (channelf1).

    Keep up the great work,


  6. Maybe Sato’s “pace” will be more beneficial in Indy car,hope he can get a drive and do well…..come on over to the States Mr. Sato….I’ll root for ya!

    Thanks for sharing the photo Vee8,made me laugh out loud.

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