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Formula 1 Management and the Australian Grand Prix Corporation censor spectator videos

"I will be filing a counter notice with Youtube disputing the right of FOM to demand that my videos be removed. The AGPC and FOM have not followed due process and have not allowed natural justice to ensue. They use their wealth and power to bully their loyal and enthusiastic fans. Amateur photos and videos posted free on the net for free consumption are no threat to the copyright or intellectual property rights of FOM. Viewing free amateur content is not a substitute for paying to view FOM managed content (advertising supported free to air TV, pay TV, DVDs, etc)."

The differences in F1 and NASCAR were on clear display Sunday, plus more observations from around racing

Interesting comparison between F1 and NASCAR (thanks Gman)

Beau Rivage Private Terrace

Looking for a deal on an apartment for the Monaco Grand Prix? Try this.

FIA accuse McLaren fans of inconsistency (Spoof)

'“When we threw Toyota out of qualifying for running illegal rear wings, we were just doing our job,” the statement read. “And then giving Trulli a 25-second penalty was both justified and fair. But now that we’ve come down on Lewis Hamilton, suddenly we’re monsters? It’s no wonder the sport is such a joke if the fans can’t be consistent in their judgement of our decisions.'

Hamilton makes a swift getaway at Sepang

"Whitmarsh, the vein in his temple throbbing, held the world's media captive in front of the McLaren garage as he faced an intense interrogation into Hamilton's disqualification in Australia. That gave Hamilton enough time to nip out of the garage's side exit and evade the press pack in an overtaking manoeuvre timed to perfection."

Nelson Piquet Q&A: out-qualifying Alonso the goal for Malaysia

"The Melbourne track did not suit me so well, so this race will be a good showcase and test for myself. I want to qualify well, and if possible even ahead of Fernando (Alonso)."

KERS could be more critical at Sepang

Robert Kubica: "I think the characteristics of this track are more in KERS’ favour than Albert Park. Especially at the start, as there is a very long distance to the first corner, but also in the second long straight the advantage will clearly be with the KERS cars."

Mark Answers Your Questions

F1 Fanatic guest writer Gerard Hetman got one of his questions answered by Mark Webber after spotting the link here.

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9 comments on “F1 links: F1 fan videos censored”

  1. Terry Fabulous
    3rd April 2009, 3:45

    At least you cannot accuse Piquet of lacking Ambition.

  2. chaostheory
    3rd April 2009, 9:01

    It’s so weird that Bernie & co don’t realise that they are actually loosing much more by hunting down F1 fans. They need to adjust their calendars to 2009, because in the age of internet, all those social services like youtube, their politics wont pay off. They have hard time with keeping (McLaren :P) fans on board, and they dont want newcomers (cause videos on youtube or wherever else are potentially source of new fans that one day could buy a ticket for GP), weird, very weird.

  3. yeah its ******** the extent that the FOM go to trying to take down peoples videos.

  4. I agree FOM really do need to get with the times reagarding videos on web, its not even as if they have a service competing with Youtube, or have DVDs out for all previous seasons. Now they are trying to stop peoples amateur videos, what next stopping people posting phoyos on the net?

    The only way Piquet will ever out qualify Alonso is if Alonso has a problem.

  5. Hamilton makes a swift getaway at Sepang

    that bbc site is pretty pathetic. it’s likely all of those censored comments broke the “house rules” but all that remains are fans’ denials and fia bashing. it certainly doesn’t appear to be up to the standards one expects from bbc.

  6. F1 is getting a joke the tyres with the different combounds witch all have to be put on is like you drive with normal tyers on a snow road in the alps and you put on snow chains in sommer on the motorway. May be so so the get some more money out of the teams they should consider some speed traps. And to bring the fun back Mr. Ecclestone has to dress as a Clown.
    By the way can somebody tell me where Vettle should have gone.

  7. @ Gerard(Gman)

    Thanks for bringing the topic of the USGP here in the states to Mark,let’s keep pulling for it buddy!

  8. Wesley,

    Great to see my favorite fellow American F1 Fanatic back in action on the site! I have sent a version of that question to many of those F1 Racing magazine monthly question features, but with this thing I guess I found my lucky rabbit’s foot :) Knowing how much Red Bull values America in their internation sales, I thought I had a chance, but was still suprised. My thanks again to Keith for posting the link in the first place!

  9. I’ve made my formal written counter notification to Youtube and will keep you updated on my progress re getting my Australian F1 GP videos back on the tubes.

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