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A late surge from Williams put Nico Rosberg on top of the free practice times for the fourth session in a row in 2009. Kazuki Nakajima took up second ahead of the two Brawns and two Ferraris.

Lewis Hamilton was seventh but team mate Heikki Kovalainen down in 20th suggests McLaren still have problems with their MP4-24. Review the Malaysian Grand Prix Practice 1 Live Blog below.

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6 comments on “Malaysian Grand Prix Practice 1 Live Blog”

  1. The blog won’t load on my computer :(

  2. 1st Seesion just finished:

    Rosberg 1:36:260, Nakajima +.045, Button + 0.17 followed by Ruebens, Massa, Kimi and Lewis. Alonso was way down in 16th 1.135 seconds off the pace. He only did 12 laps, only Kovi managed less, with 7. He was down in last 2.223 secs off the pace.

    All the “rear-diffuser” teams are top, as you’d expect. Toyota are 10 and 11, with Glock ahead.

    I really hope Alonso was just testing something else, he seems awfully slow, last weekend as well.

  3. Re: Renaults Just Don’t Have It, Brawn Does

    So much depends on divining the original package correctly during the winter; and this year, unfortunately, which diffuser interpretation was used.

    The Renault is slow despite Alonso (who is fast) and the Brawn is fast despite the drivers, who are not exactly slow, but neither are they Sennas or Schumachers.

  4. Its a shake down , not a meltdown……

  5. We’re beginning to see a pattern here. Is Williams trying to lure sponsors by grabbing the fastest FP times? Or are they genuinely faster than Brawn over short stints, but their drivers choke when it comes to actual qualifying?

    It could, of course, simply be that Brawn GP, with less testing miles, have more developmental testing to do on Friday.

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