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Wheel-to-wheel racing and gigantic rain storms – here are some of the dramatic pictures from the Malaysian Grand Prix.

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23 comments on “Malaysian Grand Prix pictures”

  1. Go Jenson for Shanghai’s pole!.

  2. great pics gallery
    impossible to race with a rain like this…

  3. yes .. Jenson button

    Go for the Championchip

  4. KingHamilton
    5th April 2009, 19:41

    if jenson wins in Shanghai then I reckon he’ll dominate the season Nigel Mansell 1992 style. although Id rather him win the championship by a single point in the final corner of the final lap of the final race of the year. but thats not Jensons style. hes more calm under pressure and better at doing a safe job than a certain Mr Lewis ‘excitementedgeofyourseat’ hamilton

  5. Hi,
    It´s missing the pic of the best scene of the day: Kimi Raikkonen eating an ice cream while the others were in the rain :DDDD

  6. Yes, that is the only picture for comlpete the gallery

  7. Yes and the funny thing was he really didn’t look worried as if he was just a spectator. I was really impressed.
    Didn’t he also take a can out from the fridge? Maybe it was a cool beer:D

  8. nope coca-cola

  9. well that’s not a very healthy combination either for a F1 driver of course:P

  10. Just wanted to thank Keith for posting these photos – I don’t know where you get them from, but they’re always uniquely fantastic and everytime one of these topics gets started my wallpaper changes!

    1. I’m gonna second that, keith these are always great, i really like the webber hamilton behind shot, cracker.

  11. Did anyone else laugh out loud when Massa’s race engineer said something like ‘Felipe baby, calm down, we’re bringing the clear visors!’?

    Classic Ferrari antics.

    1. I heard that as well; hillarious!

  12. StrFerrari4Ever
    6th April 2009, 1:24

    They don’t call him the iceman for nothing that was classic enjoying a Magnum and Some Coca Cola haha total badass ;)

    1. Does anyone else think that Wall’s and the Coca-Cola Company should be in contact with Ferrari’s sponsorship department after that?

  13. Does anyone have the superb picture in this article in high resolution?

  14. Keith, I hope you have licensed these images appropriately. We don’t want to see our favorite F1 blog bear the brunt of a FOM cease-and-desist!

  15. great job Jenson Button, Keep going !!

  16. i was there, the raining really heavily. otherwise would be an exciting race.

  17. First time to watch F1 race and i loved it! WIll be watching Live in Abudhabi on October for sure… Love Jensen Button!!!


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