F1 links: Ferrari swap Baldisserri for Dyer

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Baldisserri gets factory role in reshuffle

"The staff changes mean that Baldisserri will no longer attend races, with his role at the races now being taken by chief track engineer Chris Dyer."

James Allen on the diffuser hearing

"Ferrari, McLaren, Renault and Red Bull know that the first four races – a quarter of the season – will have been lost if the decision goes against them."

ESPN Star Sports and F1 – How are they doing so far in 2009?

"While viewers in other parts of the world are treated with live broadcasts of all practice sessions either on TV or online, interactive features are a touch of a button on their remotes away and their broadcasters’ websites offer lots of additional programming, here in Asia we are still in 20th century courtesy of ESPN Star Sports."

Liuzzi reminds

Joe Saward really seems to rate Vitantonio Liuzzi – quite a few times now I've seen positive articles about the Force India driver on grandprix.com. Rumour has it Liuzzi has a race deal for 2010.

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7 comments on “F1 links: Ferrari swap Baldisserri for Dyer”

  1. Terry Fabulous
    14th April 2009, 3:23

    The Baldisseri story is quite significant. Can Dyer get the Scuderia thinking again?

    Lets not kid ourselves, sending Kimi out on wet tyres when it was dry was pretty unforgivable.
    Almost as bad as getting kicked out at Q1 for only doing the one run.

  2. Star Sports coverage is atually delayed for about 10-15 seconds! And thay still labeled the show “LIVE”.
    God give me strength for Steve Slater, Thank God for Karun Chandhok

    1. i hope vj mallya doesn’t hire chandok as the driver, or else i would persuade Solar Sports to have a seperate coverage like in 2005 where it featured the ITV feed, now the BBC coverage. they van do it, Solar Sports is already out of the Cable network of Abs-Cbn, skycable, they can do it on Destiny cable, Star sports and Espn provide NBA coverage the same time BTV(a solar sports basketball channel) provides 24 hr NBA content and local basketball leagues. i used to watch the same F1 races in diffrent channels.

    2. Ruud, the biggest hurdle to us getting Solar back is Bernie’s contract. From what I know, ESPNStar got the exclusive rights to F1 for all of SE Asia, which would explain why Solar had to pull out of their deal with ITV after 2005.

      Theoretically, we should be able to negotiate our way out of it – after all, our ESPNStar channels are actually customized for the Philippines. But for that to happen, we’d need to see a successful 3-party dialogue between Solar, ESPNStar, and FOM. Chances of that happening are slim to none – after all, why would ESPNStar give away one of their crown jewels (second to football) to a local channel?

  3. Karun Chandhok is the only saving grace of Star Sports’ coverage. Star Sports has a loud ignorant commentator in the form of Steve Slater, an eyesore in the form of the that TV presenter sitting alongside Paula, A gay fellow (no offense to anyone really, just that his accent and behavior is outrageous and wrath-inducing), and a failed racer (Alex Yoong, whose commentary is pathetic) who is considered as someone who knows everything about the sport.

    Frankly, you need tight hugs and kisses every 5 minutes just to stay civil during the race coverage and not go postal.

  4. StrFerrari4Ever
    14th April 2009, 15:48

    Tonio Liuzzi to me deserves a race seat in F1 at RedBull in his first year he troubled D.C and at Toro Rosso was always ahead of Speed when Vettel came it was slightly different but they seemed to work well as teammates i would’ve loved to see him back at Toro Rosso this year in place of Buemi but will see what Buemi will do & oh yeah Keith i found an interesting story i dont know if you’ve already seen it


  5. I feel bad for you. :(

    Here in NA I have 3 choices.. Live TSN, Live SPEED and I get Live BBC from Europe on my sat.

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