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Review the Chinese Grand Prix practice 2 live blog below.

Lewis Hamilton was fastest in this morning’s first session with Heikki Kovalainen fourth – suggesting McLaren’s revised front wing and diffuser have improved the MP4/24. The second session will give us a better picture of how quick their car is this weekend.

The Brawn duo were second and third but Ferrari stood out for all the wrong reasons – the KERS-less F60s down in 11th and 15th.

But tyres look set to be a talking point this weekend as drivers found the super-soft compounds degraded very quickly and struggled to get the medium-spec rubber up to temperature. Will it continue to be a problem in this second session?

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197 comments on “Chinese Grand Prix practice 2 live blog”

  1. The next session is less than five minutes away. It’s still dry in Shanghai and the track is two degrees hotter than it was at the end of the last session – 34C.

  2. hi’s the weather there in shanghai? and how does the mclaren front wing look, i can’t see any difference earlier..

    1. It’s got those extra ‘mini wings’ attached to the inside of the front wing end plates. I was confused in the first session because at first BBC said only Hamilton had it, but later on Kovalainen did too.

  3. Any teams other than McLaren with new diffusers?

    Sorry if this has already been covered, been away from PC

    1. Renault were the other team that were expected to have one but they didn’t appear to use one during the session.

  4. Arun.....india
    17th April 2009, 7:00

    Hi all…didn’t participate in the first session due to absence of live blog….thought ill give this a try anyway….

    I think Ferrari have again taken a bad decision not to use KERS

    1. They were off the pace in the first session. Might not be KERS though – tyres are going to be critical this weekend.

  5. It’s dry and getting a bit warmer than before, but still cooler than expected.

    A train of cars is now leaving the pits.

  6. Hi All,

    It seems to be sunny 20c air temp

  7. Toby Thwaites 93
    17th April 2009, 7:03

    Hi guys, who is commentating now?

    1. On BBC it’s Maurice Hamilton and Ian Phillips.

  8. Arun.....india
    17th April 2009, 7:03

    Anu predictions for the session..

    1. Arun.....india
      17th April 2009, 7:04


  9. How can Macca be suddenly quick..?.I think their only problem was the diffuser

    1. They’ve got a revised front wing as well. But apparently they’ve got bigger changes coming for Spain, which could include a ‘true’ double-decker diffuser.

    2. Arun.....india
      17th April 2009, 7:06

      They are having kers in addition to the diffuser..

  10. hopefully we will see Rosberg and Vettle improving…

  11. Drivers are getting straight into the laps this time, Alonso is quickest but 1.6s off this morning’s pace.

    1. Alonso’s on a 1’38.923 now, 0.9s off his best this morning. Trulli second then Vettel, Fisichella and Piquet.

  12. Arun.....india
    17th April 2009, 7:07

    sutil p1..

  13. Sutil goes firstest!!!!!!!!!!

    1. “firstest”????? this mean who is fastest first huh??????? lol

  14. Lots of action early on – Sutil now fastest from Bourdais! Looks like the track is quicker already.

  15. Meanwhile Piquet’s had his usual off already.

  16. Toby Thwaites 93
    17th April 2009, 7:09

    bad lap from kimi

  17. I would like Vettel to win this race …We will see a real challenge between Vettel and Webber

  18. lol hi from usa i just heard on the speed coverage that flavio had to hitch a ride on bernies plane the parts for the car could get to china

  19. Raikenon not looking good………

  20. Typical of an Italian manufacturer. Electrics in Fiat’s and Alfa’s are notoriously problematic, looks as though that curse has carried over to Ferrari’s KERS.

  21. Bourdais and Nakajima go top and both have also beaten their marks from this morning already.

    Busy on track right now – only Alonso, Piquet, Kubicca, Rosberg, Hamilton and Heidfeld not out there.

  22. Arun.....india
    17th April 2009, 7:11

    I am in office so cant see video…only live timings…

    1. Not even the video at the top of the page?

    2. Arun.....india
      17th April 2009, 7:14

      cant boss will shout if i watch it…..;)..

  23. Afternoon all…thanks for the avatar linky keith.

    1. You’re welcome! It’s 7:12am in the morning over here though :-)

    2. 10 to 1 in the morning here hi y’all

  24. i am not sure why piquet is spinnig so often?……
    He doesnot deserve a seat at all…I would like to see Liuzzi in the cockpit.He is more a decent driver than many on the track

    1. Word is Liuzzi will be in the Force India next year in place of Fisichella – and possibly sooner than that.

  25. Arun.....india
    17th April 2009, 7:13

    Want to put the avatar..plz give link for the page which says how to put it…

    1. See the ‘useful links’ above…

  26. Rosberg, Hamilton and Heidfeld yet to set times in this session.

  27. Kovalainen has gone back to the old McLaren front wing.

  28. Tora Rosso doin good…

  29. Meanwhile Hamilton has the new one on back in the garage.

  30. ya a couple of drivers should be out of f1 completely the names for me are bourdais should go back to le mans piquet should be out period and raikkonen should just retire at the end of the year his heart is not in it anymore he wants to rally to bad

    1. Arun.....india
      17th April 2009, 7:24

      you missed fissi

  31. Nakajima’s in P1 following Buemi and Sutil’s P1s? This is proving to be a strange session…

  32. keith..saw lewis’ front wing..the change is the front piece now longer and reaches the nose-wing bridge? something like last years’ bridge wing..almost..

    1. Yep quite a few teams have brought that style back.

  33. Here comes our practice hero………

    1. Indeed! Rosberg quickest…

  34. A lot of the drivers have returned to the pits now. We have a Willians one-two, Rosberg from Nakajima, then Buemi, Barrichello and Bourdais. But Trulli is on a hot lap now.

  35. Jarno has set a purple Sector 1 and looks good for P1.

  36. Truli goes P1

  37. Trulli on the super-softs does a 1’36.684 – fastest time so far this weekend.

  38. That’s less than a second of the best time in the same session last year. Here’s a comparison:


    FP1 1’37.334 (Hamilton)


    FP1 1’35.630 (Hamilton)
    FP2 1’35.750 (Hamilton)
    FP3 1’36.061 (Heidfeld)
    Q1 1’35.566 (Hamilton)
    Q2 1’34.947 (Hamilton)
    Q3 1’36.303 (Hamilton)
    R 1’36.325 (Hamilton)

  39. SPEED doing a good job here in USA…

    1. Did you weigh in on the debate earlier this week?

      What do US F1 fans think of Speed?

  40. Anybody noticed new steering wheel design in Hamiltons car? Heikki has the traditional McLaren steering wheel but Lewis has a different looking one.

    1. Is that definitely new? Steering wheels can often differ out of personal preference.

  41. And he’s straight into another quick lap with a 1’36.361 – but when will he start to suffer the tyre degradation?

  42. 1:36:361 – Jarno Trulli is making everyone else look silly at the moment.

  43. is torro rosso back to form.I read somewhere that now the entire chasis is same as redbull.Previously they were missing some parts

  44. p1 time is droppping to last years’ pole time..i thot the fia were trying to slow down the cars..looks like we’ll get into the .35s here..

  45. Arun.....india
    17th April 2009, 7:24

    Thanks man keith avatar thing is cool….

    1. We’ve got a few prancing horses now! (Yours is a bit different though).

  46. Here comes Glock to make it a Toyota 1-2, 0.2s slower than Trulli, also on the super-softs.

  47. Toby Thwaites 93
    17th April 2009, 7:27

    Hamiltons front left was off the ground too :o

  48. Now the Red Bulls take over the top of the times sheets, Vettel from Webber, both on 1’36.1s, separated by 0.012s.

  49. Track looks like it has more grip.

  50. The Redbulls look quick this weekend.

  51. Temperature has actually slipped to 33C, but guess the rubber build-up is getting better every lap.

  52. My hero on top…

  53. SpeedTV states narrower tires for the 2010 season, so help with balance (front and back) of the cars

    not a fan of the narrow tires!

    1. I think Mosley had hinted at that before, but I think it was inevitable.

      The fronts are narrower than the rears but they had the same number of grooves. So ‘taking the groves out’ (i.e. returning to slicks) this year has given them proportionally more grip, creating an imbalance.

  54. Keith: Yes it is. Hamilton has previously used the same as Heikki is using now. What is interesting to me, rev lights in Hamilton’s car are now placed on the steering wheel instead of the dashboard over the wheel.

  55. Here’s something interesting: Force India is fastest through the speed traps in sectors 1 and 2, plus Top Speed. FIS followed by SUT

  56. Don’t make any more rule changes for the next year atleast….
    Let us get stabilized a bit first…….

    1. Well we already know refuelling is going to be banned, which means bigger fuel tanks.

  57. Toby Thwaites 93
    17th April 2009, 7:34

    BMW better surprize me tomorrow, looks like they are keeping to the norm today :/

  58. kova’s front wing looks the same as lewis’..that front piece is longer almost touching or touching the nose-wing connector..

  59. Toby Thwaites 93
    17th April 2009, 7:36

    cmon kubica

  60. Arun.....india
    17th April 2009, 7:37

    i think redbulls currently are the best non diffuser cars…

  61. Toby Thwaites 93
    17th April 2009, 7:38

    that sucked

  62. I love the idea of no refueling…I always thought it was a bad idea…Question is with a full race load of fuel…do you loose the “plank rule” and change the height rule?

    1. Nope, they just have to raise the plank height. But I know what you’re getting at – as the fuel load reduces the ride height will increase, changing the car’s handling.

      I’m 100% in favour of it. I’m not interested in fuel load strategy, I find it boring and a distraction from proper racing. I think a return to the classic Grand Prix challenge of managing a car as its balance changes from being heavy with fuel to light over the course of a 200-mile race is long overdue. FOTA have got that one dead right in my opinion.

  63. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 7:41

    The leaderboard is beginning to settle down after that flurry of laps in the first 30 minutes, and the teams settle in to a distinct programme of set-up and tyre evaluation work.

    Kubica’s recent improvement doesn’t read well for Renault, who occupy the final two positions on the list at the moment. Fernando Alonso is 19th with 1:38.244 after 11 laps, with his team-mate Nelson Piquet 20th on 1:38.356 after 16 laps.

    Both drivers are in the pits at this time.

  64. I think the plank rule would stay, but teams will have to raise the ride height to compensate.

  65. Arun.....india
    17th April 2009, 7:42

    but with no refueling…we will miss the various strategies the teams have…like some of them will be on a single stop or a three stopper…

    1. Yawn. I won’t miss them. And as a bonus we should get proper low-fuel qualifying back too.

  66. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 7:42

    Jarno Trulli is back out with super-soft tyres on his Toyota. He starts a timed lap but the effort is instantly compromised at Turn 1 by Heikki Kovalainen who had just left the pits.

  67. I am huge fan refueling… Without it the cars would be much much slower at the start…Also the strategies would be similar for all the teams…I think it will make races dull… Specially, if a certain team gets a distinct advantage over others, they would be untouchable………

    1. They still have to stop for tires…and with heavier cars…tire management is crucial.

  68. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 7:44

    Hi Keith…

  69. We’ve heard / seen a lot about KERS, but has anyone seen mentions of those moveable front flaps? I haven’t read any driver comments nor do they get mentioned in the media…

  70. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 7:45

    Whats ur say on the Refuelling Keith??

  71. Arun.....india
    17th April 2009, 7:45

    so hamilton on DD and kova on the old setup????

  72. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 7:46

    Trulli remains third and has now used the best of his set of tyres. Meanwhile at the rear of the field Nelson Piquet is out on track now, with super-soft tyres bolted on to the Renault.

  73. New sponsor at Brawn GP?

    ” Observers of Friday practice in Shanghai will have noticed a new sponsor on the livery of the championship-leading Brawn team.

    The ‘MIG’ logo on the BGP001’s front nose and front wing endplates belongs to a Swiss foreign exchange company. The deal is for three years.

    After Henri Lloyd and the high-profile Virgin deal, this is Brawn’s third sponsorship agreement following the Honda withdrawal.”

  74. What happened to the Brown cars?

  75. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 7:48

    Robert Kubica continues his long run on the softer tyres, with his current lap almost a second slower than the time he set when he first used this set of tyres.

  76. Toby Thwaites 93
    17th April 2009, 7:48

    cmon nick

  77. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 7:49

    Piquet completes the lap and moves up from 20th … to 18th with 1:38.153. His team-mate Fernando Alonso remains in the garage with serious work going on around his R29.

  78. They still have to stop for tires…and with heavier cars…tire management is crucial.

  79. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 7:49

    Nick Heidfeld is now trying the softer tyres on his BMW.

  80. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 7:50

    Giancarlo Fisichella has run wide at Turn 1 and onto the extra tarmac area. He rejoins and then spins at Turn 7 on the following lap. The Italian stays out there to fully evaluate the wear rate of the medium compound tyre.

  81. Keith, when I post a comment, I am not redirected to the current page……

    1. That’s odd. Can you email me the link you get sent to instead please:

  82. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 7:50

    Heidfeld’s flying lap on super-soft rubber is a 1:38.527. He fails to improve on 16th

  83. Renault are rooted to the bottom of the times. No wonder Briatore’s in such a mood.

  84. I feel pity for Alonso whom I regard as the best driver in Grid…….

  85. Remember to start thinking of your predictions everyone – the predictions competition opens after this session.

  86. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 7:53

    Pacesetter Sebastian Vettel has joined the racetrack, and is soon followed by Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber. Jarno Trulli and Timo Glock are also out there in the Toyotas.

    So the top four are all on track, and now Kazuki Nakajima pops up into fifth spot with 1:36.719. Moments later his Williams team-mate Nico Rosberg takes fourth with 1:36.355.

    Nakajima is out there using the super-soft tyre.

  87. both ferraris at the back..

  88. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 7:53

    Jarno Trulli is setting a strong pace on his set of super-soft tyres. After a lengthy run of laps, he has just set a 1:36.363 – just over a tenth slower than his current third-place time.

  89. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 7:53

    Felipe Massa is out to test the softer tyres on the Ferrari.

  90. Arun.....india
    17th April 2009, 7:54

    In fact brawn have a three year deal with MIG…

  91. These Force Indias really aren’t enjoying the hard tyres, are they?

  92. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 7:54

    The Force India adventures continue. This time it is Adrian Sutil who runs wide exiting the final left-hand corner of the lap and takes to the astroturf on the outside. He continues and currently sits in a creditable eighth place.

  93. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 7:54

    Fernando Alonso is now back out on the circuit after a lengthy spell in the Renault garage.

    His team-mate Nelson Piquet has been on a longer run of laps and is in 19th place on a 1:38.153.

  94. wat has happened to ferrari they trying something totally different or just don’t have the pace….

  95. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 7:55

    Massa does improve on the super-soft option and his time of 1:36.916 puts him up to 9th, three-quarters of a second down on Vettel’s benchmark pace on similar rubber.

  96. Barrichello is the first man into the 1’35s.

  97. “The big guns don’t have it” re: the diffuser…but the big guns weren’t developing for a year…they were spending recourses on last years championship

  98. Bar P1

  99. 1.35s finally..pole this year should be low 35s..maybe a second faster than last year..hello fia?

  100. wow BARICHELLO on a perfect lap…

    @ moderators plzz do bring old-style live chatting…

    1. Arun.....india
      17th April 2009, 8:01

      suggestion….why not have a chat channel where we have to sign up and each user is allowed to send a message only once a minute or something like that depending on traffic

  101. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 7:57

    Massa continues on his soft tyres and breaks the beam in 1:43.484 – a massive loss of time for the second lap on those tyres.

  102. Watching that Honda on track, its almost as if I can feel their DD diffuser generating more downforce :-).By the way I forgot today was friday

  103. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 7:57

    Rubens Barrichello provides a change at the top of the order and he puts the Brawn into the top spot with the first lap under 1:36. 1:35.995 is the time, and Button moves up to fourth with 1:36.205.

    Both drivers are using the super-soft tyre.

  104. Brawns just rule When they feel like IT…..

    1. Whoooo… great fight between both braw-GP cars…

  105. Arun.....india
    17th April 2009, 7:58


  106. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 7:58

    Barrichello stays on it for a second lap and he lowers the benchmark further to 1:35.881, setting the three fastest sector times of all so far.

    Button moves up into second place with 1:36.059 as Brawn move to their customary position at the front of the field.

  107. barichello on fumes or what?

  108. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 8:01

    Robert Kubica has improved his time to a 1:37.491 but he is still down in 15th.

  109. Alonso 20th after 16 laps,even lower than piquet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. Somebody please tell has Hamilton gone for Soft tyres in this session till now??

  111. That red bull is just beautiful…

  112. Arun.....india
    17th April 2009, 8:03

    suggestion….why not have a chat channel where we have to sign up and each user is allowed to send a message only once a minute or something like that depending on traffic

  113. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 8:03

    Watching Jenson Button’s current run from on-board, you can see why the Brawn is the car to beat at the moment. The increased downforce coupled with Button’s known smooth driving style, make for a car that appears to be on rails as he swoops through the twisting medium-speed sections of the circuit.

    Button is certainly enjoying a much easier car to drive than others we have seen so far this weekend.

  114. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 8:05

    The Ferrari duo have settled in to a consistent pace in the mid 1:37 bracket as they test the durability of the softer tyres.

  115. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 8:05

    Sebastian Vettel, currently third, has been in the pits for several minutes. On the team radio a message crackles through stating that there is a problem with the rear wing, and it will take the next 20 minutes to fix.

  116. Barrichello is close to matching the fastest FP2 time of last year.

  117. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 8:07

    Jenson Button remains second to his team-mate Rubens Barrichello, but over recent laps has chipped away at the gap, lowering his time to 1:35.912 in the process.

    Button returns to the pits at the end of a very strong run of laps on the super-soft tyre

  118. Alonso on a quicker lap…

  119. Is it just the feed…or were Button’s tires knackered?

  120. Keith what was the lowest time in friday practice last year?

  121. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 8:09

    Despite setting good times, Button’s left front tyre is heavily blistered as he pits after that run.

  122. Thanks joe, the picture is not that clear here.

  123. Arun.....india
    17th April 2009, 8:11

    soft tires should last for probably 5 to 6 laps….

  124. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 8:12

    Fernando Alonso has spent much of the session at the bottom of the list. The Spaniard has come out with super-soft tyres on the Renault, and they help him move up the order slightly to 16th place, with a time of 1:37.638.

  125. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 8:12

    Lewis Hamilton is heading out for another run in the McLaren.

  126. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 8:13

    Hamilton has the super-soft rubber on the McLaren.

  127. LOOks like 3 stop a must this weekend unless it rains….

  128. Yes, but for how many laps J.F.?

  129. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 8:15

    Down in the pits, the Ferarri crew remove a severely grained set of super-soft tyres from one of their cars.

  130. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 8:15

    Adrian Sutil has run wide, off track at Turn 1, losing five seconds as he rejoined the course. He continues on the current run of laps and is in tenth plac

  131. Arun.....india
    17th April 2009, 8:15

    i think a two stop with long runs on hard tyres and proable a 5 to 6 lap run on the soft tyres….

  132. r mclaren going on long runs now?

  133. Ha ha….Jokey drivers…anyone remember when Mansell went to McLaren and they had to redesign the tub because of his size?

  134. It doesn’t look like any team ‘ll use Soft tires in race….

  135. WWO button rocketing again…..

  136. Button’s suddenly come out with a purple Sector 1!

  137. They have to use them Kartikey

  138. Raikkonen’s taken a huge excursion just then.

  139. Is it normal covering >30 laps in a free practice session???

  140. No comment from Keith for a long time…….

  141. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 8:21

    With just over ten minutes remaining in the session, Brawn GP still head the classification with Rubens Barrichello first and Jenson Button in second spot. Sebastian Vettel Vettel is third, but still in the garage at the moment while his Red Bull undergoes repairs. Mark Webber is fourth with Jarno Trulli fifth and Nico Rosberg in sixth place.

  142. Button bottoms it…

  143. nope..friday practice was never this non-stop more in season testing that’s why..

  144. Sidepodcast has stopped working on my computer…

  145. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 8:24

    Barrichello and Button have come back out again towards the end of the session with super-soft tyres bolted on to their BGP001s

    Neither driver improves – in Button’s case possibly due to traffic in the form of Kimi Raikkonen who is working extremely hard just to keep his Ferrari on track.

    The duo continue for another timed lap.

  146. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 8:24

    Button gets a clear run this time and it shows on the leaderboard, as he jumps team-mate Barrichello with 1:35.679. This is an interesting battle between the pair as they fight for supremacy.

  147. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 8:25

    Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen continue to test the long-run pace of the super-soft rubber. Both are setting comparable times in the 1:37s.

  148. Piquet Jr is not having much fun this session in 20th place. Mind you, Alonso probably doesn’t like being 17th either…

  149. Ham sandwiched between ferraris….

  150. Has anyone told Nico Rosberg he’s not driving a Brawn? ;)

  151. WAts in NICO ‘s mind man?

  152. WPDC champ hopeful Rosberg setting purple timings in sector 1 and 2?

  153. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 8:28

    Nico Rosberg breaks the Brawn and Red Bull stranglehold at the top of the order, by moving up into third place on his super-soft tyres. His latest lap was 1:36.055, and his next lap is looking even quicker …

  154. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 8:28

    Rosberg sets two fastest sector times in the session, but loses out slightly in the final sector. He improves further to second place with a lap of 1:35.704, which is good enough to split the Brawn pair.

    Button still heads the list, with Rosberg now second, Barrichello third, Vettel fourth and Webber in fifth place.

  155. Renault cant just blame the diffuser for the lack of pace. Look at where they are compared to Webber and Vettel.

  156. Just another show of

    Brawn supremacy

  157. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 8:32

    Heikki Kovalainen bounces his McLaren across the kerbs in the final corner and crosses the line in 1:36.674 to move up to 9th.

  158. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 8:32

    he session has ended. Cars that have already started a lap may complete it.

  159. Thanks keith and mods…and all that stuff;)

  160. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 8:32

    Massa clocks a 1:36.847 but is slow in the final sector and fails to improve on 12th.

  161. Joe Fernando
    17th April 2009, 8:33

    Adrian Sutil has spun on his final effort of the day, losing his chance to move up the order with a final attempt on super-soft tyres. The Force India driver ends the day in 11th place.

  162. Nearly, Nico.

    Renaults looks like they’re in it deep :/

  163. Anyway Force India Showing Better Pace this year…..

  164. Qualifying tomorrow…see ya then, afternoon all.

  165. That’s true. I wish they could do it without going off quite so much though – they’re starting to scare me a bit with the whole “going cross-country” stuff.

  166. Keith come back all is forgiven we need you.

    QWhere have you gone m8?

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