Chinese GP qualifying in pictures

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Fernando Alonso claimed second for Renault in qualifying

The gigantic Shanghai International Circuit dwarfs the F1 cars and provides an unusual backdrop to the action. Here’s a selection of pictures from qualifying.

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Images (C) Ferrari spa, Brawn GP, Renault/LAT, Williams/LAT, Bridgestone,, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Toyota F1 World, BMW ag

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8 comments on “Chinese GP qualifying in pictures”

  1. Is there a reason why all the Mclaren photos are small? Not that I mind, just curious

    1. It depends on the source – the first McLaren one is larger.

  2. I thought the mclarens were running the asymmetrical exhausts in qualifying, I guess those pictures are from the practice?

    1. Not sure which pictures/s you’re referring to, but they look asymmetrical on the fourth Hamilton picture?

      Didn’t know about the change in exhausts though, thanks for that.

  3. At least one was, Ham I think..

  4. Keith, I cannot thank you enough for the amount of hi-res F1 wallpapers you have given me. I love you.

  5. It looked like hamilton had a very small exhaust outlet on the right side compared to the large left opening. It looked more like the cover they had at launch and the early testing. Like this: []0o[] (square brackets are wheels!)

  6. Here is a shot of that small exhaust opening on the right side:

    Hopefully some one has some high resolution images of it, its quite a strange setup!

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