Chinese GP weather update: rain forecast

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The original Chinese Grand Prix weather forecast suggested a small chance of rain during the race on Sunday.

But as the race gets closer that prediction has been revised and it is now quite likely the track will see some rain tomorrow, potentially during the race – although nothing like as much as we saw in the waterlogged Malaysian Grand Prix.

The rain is forecast to get heavier throughout the day, with the race starting at 3pm local time.

Weather Underground predicts a 60% chance of rain. Weather Forecast claims 4mm of rain will fall in the afternoon, increasing to 16mm that night.

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15 comments on “Chinese GP weather update: rain forecast”

  1. Sounds alot like Vettel at Monza to me. Up the Seb!!

    1. The Torro Rosso was handling very well in the wet back then (Bourdais was also way up front in qualifying at that event). I doubt his Red Bull is doing the same seeing as how Vettel didn’t perform very well at Sepang in the wet.

    2. What? Were you even watching the Sepang race? When the rain fell, Webber and Vettel were the 2 fastest cars out there on full wets. It even made Martin Brundle exclaim “That Red Bull is flying at the moment!”

      Just because Vettel spun and in the end had a bad finishing position, doesn’t mean the Red Bull wasn’t bloomin fast!

  2. i dont like these russian roulette-like races.

    luck becomes a deciding factor and so teams – which have fairly great cars otherwise – can lost vital points due to the lack of luck. (i think of red bull and williams mainly.)

  3. Calm down guys! suggests there is 30% chance of rain during race hours. So i doubt it will rain, and if it does it will probably rain very, very little!

  4. quote: After worries about possible rain showers on Sunday, the weather forecast is now for partially cloudy conditions Saturday and Sunday, with an ambient temperature high of 22 degrees Celsius each day.

  5. Toby Thwaites 93
    18th April 2009, 14:10

    It will rain, just not alot.

  6. the 3 front runners are very very light on fuel, if it starts raining at the beginning it could completely mix up the field.

  7. I want rain in the last 10 laps.

    some stay out for drys, others pit for wets. then the rain stops, the track dries, Rosberg and others stop again for dries, get a massive advantage in speed as alot of the cars struggle with wet tyres on a drying track, and Rosberg storms to victory on the last lap! unless rosberg spins and Webber wins in amazing and flamboyant style (spinnign across the line or something-yes, Brambilla style!) and in either case ill be ecstatic!

    1. KingHamilton is his name yet he is a Rosberg and Webber fan, strange but interesting :)

  8. KingHamilton&co
    18th April 2009, 18:05

    actually I am a fan of:


    and I support Williams, Mclaren, Brawn, Red Bull and BMW

    Unlike football, in F1 you can support as many teams and drivers as you like! :D

    Infact, Ill edit my name just for you striay!

  9. I’m constantly amazed that you guys feel you can predict results when rain is expected. Apart from a very few occasions when drivers like Jim Clarke, Michael Schumaker, and lately Vettel and Hamilton have been in brilliant form, the form book simly goes out the window! With fuel and tyre strategies wiped out and loads of safety cars wrecking all revamps…..

    It becomes a total lottery ! Bloody good fun though !

    1. Paige Michael-Shetley
      18th April 2009, 21:38

      How in the world can you forget Senna when you speak of great wet weather drivers? He’s probably THE greatest of them all!

  10. looks like it’s raining right now, with cloud cover..

  11. I really like the norwegian weather site English, and with hour by hour forecast:

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