Championship standings after China

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Drivers’ championship

Jenson Button 21
Rubens Barrichello 15
Timo Glock 10
Sebastian Vettel 10
Mark Webber 9.5
Jarno Trulli 8.5
Fernando Alonso 4
Nick Heidfeld 4
Lewis Hamilton 4
Heikki Kovalainen 4
Nico Rosberg 3.5

Constructors’ championship

Brawn 36
Red Bull 19.5
Toyota 18.5
McLaren 8
Renault 4
Toro Rosso 4
Williams 3.5

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33 comments on “Championship standings after China”

  1. I never thought i would ever see Ferrari with Zero points after 3 races..

    1. You must be quite young then :-)

    2. You don’t see Ferrari with Zero points because the Ferrari name isn’t even on the board :(

  2. Yorricksfriend
    19th April 2009, 10:39

    Vettel for the championship!

    1. Button for the championship!

    2. Barrichello for the championship!

    3. yea, go vettel.

    4. Piquet for the championship!

    5. Hamilton for the championship!


  3. Great victory for the Red Bull team, season is really now starting to take shape. The Brawn should bounce back in Bahrain (surely it can’t rain in the dessert!) One thing about Mclaren and in defense of Hamilton – finished in the points for all 3 races (yes I know 3rd in Aus was wiped out!) and if he kept the third place and let’s put the politics aside and think of the car and driver ability he would be sitting in joint 3rd 11 points behind Button and with Mclaren now looking to improve every race. This is going to be close and I can’t wait!

    1. surely it can’t rain in the dessert!

      Don’t be so sure – when the V8 Supercars visited Bahrain for the first time in 2006, they got rain… :)

    2. yeah but he lied and cheated, so he doesn’t have 11.

    3. He would have ten, surely, not 11?

  4. F1FEVA, I feel your point, definitely.

  5. Vettel must be third becouse he has a race win advantage.He must be on top of

    1. Yea~ I agree with U!
      A race win advantage~~~
      He must be third, while Timo 4th~~~
      Sebi for the championship!!!
      Go Vettel!GO!!!

  6. StrFerrari4Ever
    19th April 2009, 14:12

    Very interesting to see how tight it is Vettel could well take the fight to Button and just a thought Toro Rosso beginning to get close to RBR pace , so if they reach that level watch out for Buemi he could come back and we might have a fight for youngest ever world champion between Vettel and Buemi :D

    If that does happen I wonder how relationships would be in the Red Bull family would be great though and would put both teams in a strong positions for 2010 with Toro Rosso looking for a buyer :)

  7. It’s hard to believe Mclaren are currently 4th in the constructors championship

    1. I agree considering how poor the car performed in testing and in the 1st two races its unbelievable that they are 4th. I was also expecting Williams to be higher.

  8. Vettel is a serious championship contender & if McLaren can keep making jumps in performance then I don’t think we’ve heard the last of lewis. Anyone but Button…please!!

    1. lets hope we have heard the last of lewis. so many more interesting and better drivers out there.

      what happened to your king of the wet? lost count of the number of times he went off track.

      what was it you were saying when massa kept going off at silverstone? should we repeat all those comments but replace them with hamiltons name?


    2. Massa drove really well yesterday until his retirement. Reliability and pitwall incompetence aside, Ferrari’s basic package is not bad.

      But the comparisons between Hamilton yesterday and Massa at Silverstone last year don’t really hold. Hamilton was at least on the pace and brought the car home in the points. Massa didn’t just keep making mistakes at Silverstone, he was also glacially slow.

  9. Oliver, close your eyes and imagine that Hamilton had got his six points in Australia. He would be equal in points with Vettel. And imagine the KOV had kept it on the road before today. They could easily be third in the WCC standings. And lets not discuss what could have been if Hamilton did not spin 4-5 times today.

  10. Underachievement from Williams?

  11. Dmw, I’m closing my eyes, but I cant see anything :-)

  12. Williams have just been unfortunate. These first 4 races were a very good opportunity to make a heavy points haul before the heavyweights awake from the slumber. I suspect Toyota and Williams just have the Diffusers as their key performance differentiator unlike the Brawn which seems to be an all out performer.
    Once BMW and Ferrari stop their grumblings and redesign their cars to be D-Diffuser compliant, I suspect Williams and possibly Toyota might suddenly start moving backwards.

    1. I think the word for Williams is “incompetent”.

      They wasted the great potential of that fast car on incredibly poor strategy and mind boggling poor drives from Rosberg.

    2. yeah think i have to agree with patrickl on this one, they have a quick car but keep throwing it away somehow.

      there’s luck and there’s bad strategy and bad driving.

  13. schumi the greatest
    20th April 2009, 9:19

    @ todd…you have to agree with keith….hamilton went off a few times yesterday…fair enough…but he was also making up places and pushing hard…massa at silverstone was like bambi on ice

    1. yeah i know, but anything i can stab into a hamilton fanboy i’ll take.

      what’s the point in comparing where hamilton would have been when he cheated?

      why only point out that hamilton will be better when mclaren have a new package when kovi keeps out-performing hamilton with little or no media about it.

      (forgetting the 2 first races) kovi beat hamilton in china – with less of a package since the team gave hamilton the new diffuser upgrade.

      out qualified him in australia and china, and was 2 slots behind in malaysia.

      heikki has been driving that package better than hamilton, but everyone’s too busy talking about hamilton.

      also, what a stellar effort by bumei, glock and sutil!

  14. @todd: For the last two races Kova has been nowhere. Hamilton has been in points in all the last 3 races. On top of that he’s beaten both Ferraris and both Renaults in the last 3 races with a dog of a car.

    Kova got a new diffuser in China as well but chose to run the old front wing because it felt better for him.

    As for Australia, there was no cheating done on track. His 4th place (before Trulli went off the track) was well deserved.

  15. And

    Seb Buemi 3 points

    Seb Bourdais 1 point

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