2009 Chinese Grand Prix in pictures

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Here’s a selection of dramatic pictures of the rain-lashed Chinese Grand Prix – including some excellent photographs of the victorious Red Bull team celebrating their maiden win.

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15 comments on “2009 Chinese Grand Prix in pictures”

  1. Very Nice. :)

    Kieth – Where do you get these pictures from , they really are pretty darned good :)

    1. The sources are listed at the bottom of the post. The teams distribute images sourced from a number of agencies, for example Red Bull use Getty, and their pictures are very high quality.

  2. I don’t see the BMW mating with the Toyota. But that champagne art shot is nice.

  3. A long time ago I started looking the photos you post but I always find no good picture of McLaren and with low resolution 900×600 pixels all the others are better. why this?

    1. Again, it comes down to what the source is. For example, the top-down picture of Hamilton is higher res.

  4. @keith, thank you very much for all this!
    i love this website.

  5. HounslowBusGarage
    19th April 2009, 22:37

    I think almist all of these pics deserve awards, but the one of Vetel in the garage, holding the champagne bottle and with the trophy beside him deserves a prize. The glory in victory and the hollowness of conquest. Brilliant shot.

  6. The people you see in the stands are all members of the local Communist Party, driven there in buses under strict orders to attend the race.
    If not, they have to work for a month in the salt mines.

  7. Saddest Day for Sutil!!!!
    So near but so far!!!

  8. Some great shots here I haven’t seen anywhere else.

    The exhausted Vettel alone in that austere back room somewhere is great.

  9. Those Red Bull pictures are absolute quality, hands and feet above the rest. Agree with sajonaraman, that Vettel in car shot is just sublime, my new background picture indeed (and in widescreen too, quality)!

    Agree with most on the Vettel backroom shot also, that is pure art… do you think Getty will do my wedding photos?? ;-)

  10. Oops… actually, it’s this shot I was on about, not the one that sanjoroman mentions (that’ll teach me not to click the link, doh!)… although the other one is good too.

  11. I hadn’t realised before that the shark fin connects into the rear wing on the red bull. Perhaps that’s what the car is so stable when cornering in the wet.

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