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The 2008 season was unusually wet with five races significantly affected by rain – and so far in 2009 we’ve already had rain in two of the three Grands Prix so far.

But that is not likely to continue at our next venue – the Bahrain International Circuit which is, of course, in the middle of a desert.

Hot and dry weather is expected all weekend. A quick scan of the various weather sites point to temperatures in the mid-to-high 30s (centigrade) throughout the weekend.

With the teams bringing the super-soft tyres again, expect to hear more complaints about tyre wear

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10 comments on “Bahrain Grand Prix weather forecast”

  1. I for one wil be glad to get back to dry racing. I know wet racing makes for some exciting grands prix, but we may get to see how the cars perform better at Bahrain.
    Melbourne is not a good guage for how good the cars are, and never has been.

    1. I agree with you on guaging the cars performance, I want a real show of how good the cars are in the dry over a whole race. I mean if Massa does rubbish on a ‘Massa track’ then we know that Ferrari are in a larger pile of dog mess than than it already appears.

      Saying that a part of me wants it rain like it did in Qatar for moto GP. I just want to see a wet race on a desert track.

  2. Dry indeed… and the wind speed is low, so no sand storms!

  3. The BBC have it that average precipitation for April is 8 mm., unlike May which is 0. And Sunday there ARE scattered clouds forecast. When was the last time there were three wet F1 races in a row?

  4. …sorry to be corrective, but Bahrain is an island, and is not all desert! Its dry, because of where it is, but Abu Dhabi will be much much drier!
    Actually the killer will be the humidity, which tops 80% (as its hot but surrounded by water). Its not a place I would like to be in a racing car for two hours!

    1. Quite right DGR…Bahrain will be absolutely humid! And racing in extreme humid conditions is harrowing…and these drivers will be worth every dollar they’re being paid racing round this circuit come weekend!

  5. Well I for one can do without wet races. I like to be able to see the action, not just hear about it.

  6. We’re not out of the weather woods yet…

    James Allen’s twit:

    The weather forecast isn’t good for the weekend, sandstorms, like the ones which blighted the test here…could spoil (or stop) the show..

  7. Dying for a dry race to gauge driver/machine this year…fear however that Ferrari may not last in the humid conditions which will feature throughout the race.

    My guess is the driver who races most judiciously and will reap the reward at the end once he is not let down by the reliability of his machine…

    I would go for a three-stopper here…

  8. This is a test. Please ignore.

    Grid     kg    Est   Actual         Fin
    01  TRU  43.5  12  s 12 m 37 s ---- 03

    02  GLO  38.0  10  s 12 m 33 s ---- 07
    03  VET  54.0  15  s 19 s 39 m ---- 02

    04  BUT  47.5  13  s 14 s 36 m ---- 01

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