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Robert Kubica, snapped by Snoopy

Pia (aka Snoopy) was at the first round of the season in Australia and took some great pictures from the pits and snapped loads of the drivers including Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen and Michael Schumacher.

Have a look at the pictures from Melbourne below.

If you’ve been to a Grand Prix this year and have got some photos to share you can email me or upload them via the F1 Fanatic They don’t have to be new pictures either – photos of classic F1 racing action would be great as well!

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Images (C) Ferrari spa, Brawn GP, Renault/LAT, Williams/LAT, Bridgestone,, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Toyota F1 World, BMW ag

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19 comments on “Your pictures: Australian Grand Prix”

  1. They’ve repainted a 1995 Jordan with the 1996 gold paint job. weird.

    Excellent photos by the way!

    1. It’s not even the 1995 car, but the 1994 one.

    2. Thats even more cheatie. I wonder why they do it?

      Funny they should paint Brundle’s name on a car he never drove.

    3. At least he drove with that paint scheme.

      This must’ve been a show car from 1996, where Brundle can replace Benson in non-ciggie countries. ;)

      1. Yeah I walked past that Jordan and couldn’t work it out… I thought about it for ages and thought it must have been one used in testing before the start of the ’96 season with the an updated livery.

        How can I upload my pics of the Australian Grand Prix Keith?

        1. Oh and where on the circuit was the picture taken titled: “An old Ferrari”?

        2. Hi Damon – you can upload them here:

          Or if you prefer send me an email and we’ll sort something out: Contact Form.

    4. I guess it was a show model that they used in 95 or 96. They wouldn’t put an actual racing car on display, so they would paint an older one in the current scheme. That car has probably been stored somewhere still in that paintjob and now it is put on display again.

  2. wow you had great access :-D

  3. No pictures of grid girls and hostesses?
    Thats the best part about F1 :P

  4. Jenson Button was “Singing” Really??!!!

  5. The back of the team garages is neat. Having never been to a GP before, I had no idea that the teams had their team colours all over the rear of the garage like that. Very interesting. :)

  6. slightly off-topic:

    Q: If you get a picture of the containers in which the Ferrari cars are traveling to Bahrain, what will you see writen on them?

    A: Fragile …


  7. anyone know what the lotus is? it is a lotus, isn’t it?

  8. oops, btw–thank you for sharing.

  9. Keith,
    This is a brilliant post – it was very insightful to actually see the back fo the garages and scrubbed tyres, etc! I really hope that those of you who are lucky enough to get to a Grand Prix are willing to post your photos here! Encore!

  10. It looks like the orange car could be an old BAR chassis, from 99 or 2000.

  11. Nice pics. Shouldn’t Brundles old Jordan be in two pieces though? :-))

  12. Thanks for all nice comments and sorry that I did not remember take more pics from pitbabes lol.

    In that old Jordan was really small pace for your feet, You had to put feet threw small whole and it was really unconfortable…i can not understand how someboby can drive like that..

    Yes i was lucky and had acces to paddock but honestly i think its a little bit boring place :o specialy on Australia its small and media is running around lol.
    But was intresting to see what happens back of the garages…specially i did notice that half of staff of Ferrari smoke, drivers spend last minutes in toilet, jenson Button do not sing very well (as far as i was able to hear and pitbabes looks funny when they walk to work and carry their highhills on hand and walk around with runners :)

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