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The Official Ecclestone car collection to wow crowds in Bahrain

"A dazzling selection of 24 of these cars is to be displayed at the Bahrain International Circuit during the sixth running of the Bahrain Grand Prix and will be open throughout the weekend to race spectators. It includes some of the most famous racing cars ever built during Grand Prix racing’s 103-year history."

Exclusive: Watkins on Senna – Part I

Professor Sid Watkins on Suzuka 1989: “Senna was very indignant about that and his language was rather bad immediately after the race when he realised that he was being disqualified, because he thought he had won. And he did on the ground. But there was a problem with the fact that he didn’t win by following the circuit. He went through a, cut through the corner after the collision with Prost. But I think they were equally responsible for driving into each other. I don’t think it was one person’s fault. It’s just part of the competition again. He was just very indignant that the FIA took away his win and he ultimately had to apologise to the President of the FIA [Jean Marie Balestre] because of the things he said about him. He was pretty angry about it all. You can’t blame him, really…"

GPDA to consult MotoGP over night race

Mark Webber on Moto GP's night race postponement due to floodlighting problems: "I haven't spoken to any of the riders, but probably before Singapore I will. It looks like those guys could not run at all. I was surprised, but they are like us. They will race if they can, and if they can't they won't. The glare must have been very difficult and they are in a situation where they could go a day later, which was a nice luxury to have. I'm not sure we could do that in Singapore."

Liuzzi eyes race return in 2010

"I'm very confident about it, there are good chances for me to get back to racing in F1 with Force India. I have a contract until 2011, while Fisichella and Sutil's contracts expire at the end of the year."

Tost ‘surprised’ by Buemi’s strong start

"We did not expect him to score points during the first three races. "We expected him to increase his performance from race to race and then he can score in the second half of the season."

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11 comments on “F1 links: Ecclestone F1 collection display”

  1. Keith, you may find this interesting too – finally some news on Codemasters and the new F1 simulation… http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/74706

    1. thats brilliant. Especially on the Wii, I dont have a PS3 or Xbox and was gutted that nothing would be coming out for the Wii!

    2. Might have to get the Wii incarnation to tide me over until F12010 comes out for the 360.

    3. great news!
      Been waiting for this news for ages!

  2. I don’t see how anybody can say the collision between prost and senna at suzuka 89′ can say it was anybody but Prost’s fault i am amazed.
    If you look at all the angles of the accident it is abvious it was just prost driving into the side of senna, and not also senna driving back into the side of prost.
    If anyone did a computer simulation of the crash now and took away senna’s car then it would be obvious that prost wouldn’t even have made the corner.
    As for senna’s disqualification it seems things were happening then as are now. I mean, i m far from a senna fan, but it’s not like senna could have done anything else but go down the escape road. It’s not like he took any kind of advantage.

  3. Does the Bernie Collection include the cars he ‘raced’ himself? :-)

    1. Bernification
      23rd April 2009, 20:12

      The ones with a cushion on the seat so he could see!

  4. if the glare is too bad in singapore surely they could just wait until it dries up. it’s not like light would be a problem, just the drivers staying awake, hehe.

  5. The Ecclestone car collection

    Wonder what car Bernie drives himself ? Probably a black Batmobile with double diffuser and KERS.
    Sanctioned by Mo, and maintained by Lou.

    1. Mussolini's Pet Cat
      26th April 2009, 1:01

      One of these, he may just see over the ‘wheel.


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