Bahrain Grand Prix Practice 2 live blog

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Review the Bahrain Grand Prix Practice 2 live blog below.

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3 comments on “Bahrain Grand Prix Practice 2 live blog”

  1. got my text read out during that practice session, i asked if the races would be shortened for 2010, they discussed it and ultimately concluded that thatwould prbably not come into force, thank god!

  2. Interesting results from practice.. Still think the Brawn’s will be hard to beat… Would love to see some wheel to wheel racing for the win between the Red Bulls and Brawns on Sunday….

  3. keith, why is ferrari strugling here? they got those 133’s in testing, with sandstorms on their way, together with toyota , but now it seems they are in trouble, trulli in a toyota in the top 5 and top 10,trulli p3 , while ferrari they are in the 135’s. how did they lose 2 secs in 2 months? intersting. the track didn’t change. and toyota on track with their times they set in bahrain 2 months ago, while ferrari and bmw seems they didn’t test at bahrain at all, those cars which tested in jerez are faster than the ones who tested in bahrain. shame on bmw and ferrari. shame bmw after winning canada gp they focused on 2009 but then look they are not winning races. i understand mclaren and ferrari’s struggles but bmw, nah ..

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