Another new helmet design for Vettel

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Sebastian Vettel has brought another new skid-lid for the Bahrain Grand Prix.

It’s covered in diagrams of all the different F1 tracks and it looks like it was designed by a two year-old with a box of crayons…

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28 comments on “Another new helmet design for Vettel”

  1. haha awesome! I love it

  2. Even I could draw that :D

  3. It looks like a commissioned drawing by a popular “artist”. You know, the crap you buy at a garage sale two years later?

  4. i think he’s trying to do a valentino rossi !

    1. Only when he puts a picture of himself making a funny face on his lid…

  5. too complex.very small graphics.

  6. Looks awesome. :D

  7. Maybe another discussion subject.But there is no color and graphic difference between Red Bull and Torro Rosso cars.They have same color and same big Red Bull logo.From televesion when I see a Red Bull car it canbe any driver of Vetel,weber,Burde or Buemi.Any comment

    1. I feel the same way, if you’re viewing the car from the front or back it’s nigh on indistinguishable. It isn’t till you can see the large red graphic on the side of the TR car can you tell.

    2. Specifically, the nose cone of the Toro Rossos are bronze, whilst the Red Bull nose cones are pure yellow. After that, check the helmet colors.

  8. Wow its cool, didn’t realise it was all the circuits :)

    @mertyazan Yeah they are very similar this year but the Toro Rosso is slightly darker and has gold on not yellow. The Toro Rosso also has its own bull on the side. It is a shame they have become very similar though because I loved the old Toro Rosso

  9. So thats been 4 different helmet-topping designs at the first 4 races. Guess he’s making a thing of it this year. It’s certainly distinctive!

  10. I think the design is ace – liking the stars over the tracks he has won at.

  11. I actually like it. I think it’s funky and fits with Vettels image perfectly. :)

  12. I wonder what he’s named it :D

  13. Woo a Dreamcast fan!

  14. Im sorry but I dont like it. A strong simple geometric motif, that would look recognisable from the distance, would be better.
    Graham Hill, Mike Hailwood, Jackie Stewart, Phil Read, Agostini, Bill Ivy, all had nice helmets.

    1. It’s only on the top of the helmet, and it’s changing every race. His helmet is otherwise quite easily recognisable. It’s the Red Bull car without the mostly yellow helmet.

  15. this is no drawing: this are all racing tracks of this year.

    there will also be a ‘discodesign’ and a ‘flowerdesign’ :P

  16. its not worth trying to remember that.

  17. I like it a lot. I think most of the drivers helmets aren’t that interesting to be fair.

  18. I love it! It’s fun, irreverant and a lot more personal than Kimi’s squiggly tribal thing or Nelson Piquet Jr’s Nelson Piquet Sr. design.

  19. Awesome.

  20. What with changing his helmet designs and naming his cars, Vettel is showing more personality than most of the grid.

    Personally the helmets I think look best are those with relatively simple designs. In the time that I have followed F1 some of my favourites are Senna, Hill and Coulthard.

  21. Mansell’s patriotic classic though?

    I like what Vettel’s doing. These are investments as well as head protection. Once he makes WDC (of that I have no doubt) they become serious collectors items. Good for a few charity auctions no doubt and possibly a few for his own pocket…

  22. yeah i think vettel is great, good kid, funny, has fun with everyone, not too serious

  23. It’s up to him ohw he has it, it’s bright and funky just like him. Why complain?

  24. There’s a “S” on his helmet. Reminds me the Senna logo.

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