Championship standings after Bahrain

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Drivers’ championship

Jenson Button 31
Rubens Barrichello 19
Sebastian Vettel 18
Jarno Trulli 14.5
Timo Glock 12
Mark Webber 9.5
Lewis Hamilton 9
Fernando Alonso 5
Heikki Kovalainen 4
Nick Heidfeld 4
Nico Rosberg 3.5
Kimi Raikkonen 3
Sebastien Buemi 3
Sebastien Bourdais 1
Nelson Piquet Jnr 0
Felipe Massa 0
Kazuki Nakajima 0
Giancarlo Fisichella 0
Robert Kubica 0
Adrian Sutil 0

Constructors’ championship

Brawn 50
Red Bull 27.5
Toyota 26.5
McLaren 13
Renault 5
Toro Rosso 4
Williams 3.5
Ferrari 3
Force India 0

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5 comments on “Championship standings after Bahrain”

  1. Finally Ferrari have some points!

    Not many.. but some.

  2. schumi the greatest
    26th April 2009, 18:29

    looks like the championship is going to be between button and vettel then!

    I think its worth a metnion on how bad kubica has been this season..downright awful and hes been off the road all the time.

    everyone is expecting mclaren, renault and ferrari to suddendly “bounce back” in spain. yes they will be bringing developments but so will brawn, toyota and red bull. id expect the pecking order to be the same albeit with mclaren reanault and ferrari a little closer.

    Hamilton really showing his class this year to be fair.

  3. As one of the Diffuser Three, Williams has done rather poorly.
    Mclaren are the surprise of the season so far. They even have more than double the points haul of Renault. Renault where miles ahead of Mclaren during the early part of the season.
    BMW wrongly thought KERS was going to be wonders and forgot to make the car to put it in.

  4. Considering this is a year when aero is not supposed to be as important, it does appear that Ferrari and BMW (and McLaren) missed a trick somewhere – and it cannot just be down to the DDD question, since Red Bull are doing so well without it.
    Yes, I agree that McLaren, Ferrari and Renault will make big improvements once they are back in Europe, but I wonder if the whole mentality of the big teams is wrong too – the amount of stink Ferrari and Renault are causing makes you wonder when their Team Principles will have to be rejected from the Paddock during racing….:-)

  5. Bigbadderboom
    27th April 2009, 16:43

    For me this is not a cut and dry 2 horse race. MNcLaren will improve very quickly once back in Europe, Renault may get it together, Toyota will start converting their speed into race pace.

    I think we may be in for a four way fight by mid season. I think if McLaren escape lightly at the WMSC meeting then they can still have a big say in the seasons outcome.

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