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ITV F1 wins 3rd straight BAFTA for Brazil coverage

The BAFTA thing is odd because ITV seem to win it when a British driver does something good, rather than where their coverage is any good. For example, they won it in 2007 at Canada, when Hamilton won his first race, even though so many people complained about their coverage of that race they were forced to apologise. However they did do a genuinely good job at Brazil last year – a lot of other commentary teams missed the significance of Hamilton passing Glock in the closing laps. That said, BBC's F1 coverage is incomparably better and if ITV can win three BAFTAs in a row BBC should do even better.

A bitter pill

Nick Heidfeld: "China was bad enough, but things just got worse in Bahrain. It's not merely that we were too slow; we were also unlucky. Starting from 14th on the grid, there's not a lot you can do with an uncompetitive car, but after the first corner, our position was hopeless."

Hamilton considered quitting F1

Lewis Hamilton: "I wasn't 100% sure I wanted to be here for the next five years [the length of his McLaren contract]. There was so much going on. Do I want to be in the limelight with people slating me?

Alonso dehydrated after race

"The Spaniard, who started seventh, eventually scored a point despite having no drinking water available for the duration of the race."

Montezemolo demands new attitude from Ferrari

Luca di Montezemolo on FOTA: “Unity is good, We will have a meeting in London on May 6th, because here we are and we don’t yet know the rules for next year. “

More woes for Donington GP plans

"The future of the British Grand Prix at Donington Park faces further uncertainty after a council announced a review of its planning permission."

Branson working on new Brawn deal

"The team have become very popular since the beginning of the season. We are negotiating, as are other people, and we may or may not end up doing a full branding exercise."

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10 comments on “F1 links: ITV award for Brazil coverage”

  1. Mussolini's Pet Cat
    27th April 2009, 0:42

    Come on Branson, get the cheque book out.

  2. I guess the award was because the 2008 Brazilian Grands Prix was the last time James Allen worked the microphone? Everyone, including those at BAFTA, were glad to see the back of him!

  3. Didn’t ITV win a BAFTA for Button’s win in Hungary as well? Based on this fact I already know 3 of next years BAFTA nominations (not sure which one will win though).

  4. The Branson article seems to suggest that if someone comes in with a great deal Branson would be prepared to end his sponsorship with Brawn GP.

    I am glad of this because I thought that because The Virgin Group is involved in so many different sectors that it would exclude a lot more other potential sponsors than usual for Brawn GP. So Virgin would have to become title sponsors which they aren’t at the moment.


    The Virgin website shows all the different areas they are involved in. For example a few people speculated in pre season that Pepsi would sponsor Brawn but that would be ruled out due to Virgin Cola, telecommunications and airlines are another couple of sectors ruled out.

  5. What a load of crock from Hamilton. The guy will switch to another team if it means that he wins races. Quitting… Yeah right.

  6. How can ITV win an award for Brazil coverage? Their broadcast even lacked passion. You even posted links here of Brazillian and Spanish TV coverage that seemed more exciting.

  7. How often do the drinks pump fail in F1 cars!?

    With all this money going on the car, it seems to me they should have got this small but vital component right by now – I don’t understand!

  8. Bigbadderboom
    27th April 2009, 15:11

    The problem when there is a sponsorship deal being brokered is that any press release is simply part of that negotiation process.

    Sir Beardy is playing it cool but a bet he really wants the title sponsorship, he loves the glamour and the image of F1. And it really suits his companies portfolio. Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Media and his various Virgin financial services would all benefit from this deal.

    I don’t think it would exclude other potential sponsors as there would be room for however provides IT support, computer Hardware and any other contributory sponsors.

    Ross Brawn is handling the matter in what is now developing as a very cool and collected manner, being team principle/owner suits him very well.

  9. You have got to give some credit to Richard Branson. He waited and waited for the former Honda team to morphe into Brawn Gp and made his move. Can anybody imagine how stupid Branson would have looked had Brawn Gp turned up in Melbourne with a dog of a car?
    His only mistake was making reported ‘moves’ on Jenson Button’s lady friend, incurring the wrath of Button in the process. Far more interesting than Lewis and his porky pies to the stewards.

  10. glamourBob
    2nd May 2009, 17:43

    Hmm. it’s not as if ITV contributed the most important part: the actual camera work and TV directing.

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