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Bridgestone has announced what tyres the teams will used at the Monaco, Turkish, British and German Grands Prix.

At Monaco the tyre supplier will break with its 2009 policy of using tyres that are two stages apart, bringing the soft and super-soft compounds as it did in 2008.

It will revert to type at Istanbul and Silverstone, using the hard and soft tyres at both tracks, where last year the hard and medium compounds were deployed.

F1 returns to the Nurburgring having skipped it last year. In 2007 the teams used medium and soft tyres, this time they will have medium and super-soft compounds.

Bridgestone will continue to use green markings to differentiate between the two (which is still a ridiculous hypocrisy) however they have been testing out a lighter shade of green which might at least be easier for us to spot on the cars.

It has also announced it will bring a softer version of its intermediate tyre for wet conditions to improve grip.

Tyre allocations for rounds six to nine

Circuit2009 tyres2008 tyres
Monte-CarloSoft and Super-softSoft and Super-soft
IstanbulHard and SoftHard and Medium
SilverstoneHard and SoftHard and Medium
NurburgringMedium and Super-softMedium and Soft*


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  1. For Monte Carlo, is it Soft and Super-soft?? Because Bridgestone had said they will not take consecutive compounds…………

  2. I think Monaco is a special situation, witht he track being so unigue, a harder compound really would not work.

  3. This is quite a hot info. I think I’ll share it on Digg.
    p.s. Year One is already on the Internet and you can watch it for free.

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