Five-way tie in predictions championship

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It's even closer than this in the F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship
It's even closer than this in the F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship

After two rounds we have a four-way tie at the top of the F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship between ianhaycox, greg76, Dougie and Jess.

We’ve already got 328 people competing for this year’s prizes – find out how you’re doing below.

The prizes

First place prize

  • An original F1 painting by Rob Ijbema
  • Five F1 DVDs from Duke Video: “Formula One 1970: The uncrowned champion”, “Formula Villeneuve: A tribute to Gilles Villeneuve”, “The World’s Greatest F1 Cars”, “Champion: Hill” and “Nine Days in Summer”
  • ??60 to spend on F1 merchandise at

3x Runners-up prizes

  • Copies of “Lotus Goes Turbo” DVDs from Duke Video
  • ??30 to spend on F1 merchandise at

Championship standings

The top scores in the Bahrain Grand Prix round were pawellf1, gazzap, greg76, Ted Tofield, Jess, Paul, Dougie, Robert and wasiF1 – each scored 50 points from a possible 60.

Here are the top scorers in the championship so far. You can view the complete list of results here: View f1-fanatic-predictions-championship-bahrain-docx

ianhaycox 60
greg76 60
Dougie 60
Jess 60

gazzap 55
PawelF1 55
wasiF1 55

Ted Tofield 50
Robert 50
StrFerrari4Ever 50
Paul 50
mar-E-o 50

Pete Walker 45
Mandan 45
brouard21 45
ajokay 45

PJA 40
Chua 40
Toby Bushby 40

Joc 35
Bigbadderboom 35
Alejandro35 35
Richard Evans 35
Cliffery 35
sacco 35
F1Fan 35
RedGreen 35
Michel S. 35
ecion 35
Nathan89 35
SamS 35
Nayanesh 35
Sush Meerkat 35
Oxley_K 35
theo 35
Ozzi 35
Daniel 35
Lewis 35

Reminder: Please make sure you enter your predictions in the correct format in the future. Lewis, Jonatas, Jfranti, STrFerrari4Ever, Pankit and Andy failed to do this in the last round. As of the next round any predictions entered incorrectly will not be counted. Check the instructions on the predictions posts for details of how to enter your prediction.

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  • 18 comments on “Five-way tie in predictions championship”

    1. Keith, Five = Four? In the Main Title ;)

    2. hurray, ferrari finally got points :)

    3. Keith, could you provide the list of results in a .doc file, rather that .docx, please?

      1. Even though I think doc is proprietary, therefore bad, I agree with the request to add also the results in doc (I know there’s a plugin for ms office too, but my phone can’t read docx files)

    4. I know I got the top 3 in the exact order, and I think one other person did – am I right or was there more than 1 other or did they get their extra points from guessing pole right?

    5. I don’t think it’s possible to get 50 points in any other way than guessing the podium three exactly. The next highest points possible would be 35 (2 exact podium + pole), then a few combinations for 25 points.

    6. Darn, I’m lost in the middle of the pack with 25 points … somehow, I feel like a Williams X(

      1. Sush Meerkat
        28th April 2009, 11:59

        haha raceaddict, and I feel like Alonso, i’m doing crap but i’m optimistic I can still win this thing.

    7. Hi, I had accidentally put spaced in my name for the second race, so I have two standings: C J Kinniburgh and CJ Kinniburgh. Is it possible for those to be merged? Maybe just have a single CJKinniburgh. Thanks. I promise that this will not happen again!

    8. Keith,

      you must be crazy to have to work these results out for 328 people! good work though!


    9. Wow I didn’t expect to be one of the top scorers from Bahrain!

    10. Woohoo!! I knew I’d scored well from Bahrain, but to be sharing the lead… wayhay!!

      Ooh! Pressures on… :-)

    11. Keith, are you sure I only earned 30 pts in Bahrein ? I had Trulli on pole, Button wining the race, then Trulli and Vettel. Isn’t it worth more pts ?

      1. Hi F1Fan, I’ve just checked and its correct you got 30 points for Bahrain. 10pts for Pole, 10pts for Button in 1st… but then you got the other 2 correct but not in their correct finishing order and therefore only get 5pts for each of them…hence 30pts in total.

        Had you picked Vettel in second with a.n.other driver in third… or picked a.n.other driver in second with Trulli in third… then you’d have got 25pts (correctly picked 2 of the top 3 in their correct positions) plus your 10pts for pole.

    12. ILoveVettel
      29th April 2009, 0:50

      Keith, Instead of collecting data from the post, why don’t you integrate a small application with a textbox for name and four dropdowns for drivers. That would be easier to maintain.

    13. Hiya, I correctly guessed 2 of the top 3 to get 25 points, however I stupidly forgot to put my username at the top of the post. It’s the same as my name here in the comments (symmetry), so is it possible those points could be added on? Pretty please?

      And I promise not to do it again.

    14. Thanks Dougie.

    15. Keith, all I’m getting from the above io link is ‘No preview available’. I can’t get scores or anything for that matter – no matter how many times I try it.

      What’s the matter? Is there something wrong with the site?

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