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Never mind McLaren, does Dave Ryan deserve a life sentence?

"Knowing Dave as I do I find it difficult to understand why he made that decision. You can be sure it was not for the extra few hundred thousands pounds that come with third place. Ryan has given his life to the sport and has been invaluable to Formula 1. […] Clemency on such a personal level would prove that Mosley and the FIA are capable of generosity when there is little PR value in it."

Spanish firms to broadcast F1 on mobiles

"Movistar and Vodafone are to broadcast race coverage of Formula 1 via mobile phones in the Spanish market."

Daimler reports $1.86bn loss in Q1

"Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, has reported a first quarter loss in 2009 of $1.86bn. This compares to a $3bn profit in the same period a year ago."

Mercedes admits F1 pull-out ‘wouldn’t save a cent’

"Daimler's chief financial officer Bodo Uebber nonetheless has sought to quell speculation by insisting that if there is eventually to be a withdrawal, it will not be for a while yet. 'We look into our Formula 1 commitment every year,' he is quoted as having said by The Associated Press, 'but even if we dropped out of Formula 1 now, we wouldn't be saving a cent because the contracts are long-term.'”

Swine flu to see fans banned from Spanish Grand Prix?

"German health minister Ulla Schmidt has warned that events where thousands of people mix are the easiest way for the virus to accelerate out of hand, and she has suggested a fan-free Spanish Grand Prix around the Circuit de Catalunya on 10 May could be the only sensible way to go."

Mosley: McLaren penalty not lenient

Max Mosley on the reasoning behind McLaren's penalty: "there were decisions taken by the people who are no longer involved."

James Allen on the WMSC verdict

"Max Mosley’s words afterwards, and apparently Martin Whitmarsh’s testimony inside the court, imply that the people who have left the company were the ones who took the decision to mislead the stewards (with the exception of Hamilton, of course)."

Analysis: McLaren’s 25kg KERS device

Norbert Haug: "From what we hear, this is the lightest system available, and our pace depends on it. The McLaren cars have it integrated and we would certainly be slower without KERS".

Buemi Slowed by BMW…

"What he didn’t expect was to find his car almost impossible to drive for much of the race, when as he came in for a pit stop, the team realised a 20 centimetre long piece of debris off one of the BMWs had bounced off the track and lodged itself in Seb’s front wing."

Q & A with Jarno Trulli

"I lost a position to Timo at the start because of a small oil spillage which meant the engine didn't pull away as well as it should have."

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11 comments on “F1 links: Dave Ryan and Daimler”

  1. Any article which involves the Mirror group I would have severe doubts about…

    1. It’s no less sad today than it was 15 years ago. But if I marked every anniversary of every driver who who died in an F1 car I’d spend all my time writing about these tragedies.

  2. “Swine flu to see fans banned from Spanish Grand Prix?”

    that would be a real shame. i was looking forward to the spanish extending a warm welcome to hamilton.

    1. Why don’t the teams provide face masks for all the fans? Simple, inexpensive, cuddly PR!

  3. This article by the Mirror really makes my blood boil. It’s the biggest load of ******** i’ve read in a long time.
    Apart from the fact i agree that Dave Ryan should be allowed back into formula one at some point,(probably with another team though).Yes he did wrong, but not so bad that he should lose everything he has built up in over 20 yrs in the sport.
    The thing that p***es me off is that the guy seems to think that because Mclaren got a fairly lenient penalty means that everyone has gotten it wrong about the FIA having a bias toward Ferrari and a bias against Mclaren.
    It means nothing of the sort. The fia probably had the penalty agreed before the 29th anyway because they couldn’t risk the loss of Mercedes and the knock on effect for the sport.
    Mosley has got what he wanted all along, and that is to get rid of Ron Dennis and have Mclaren at his mercy.
    This does not mean that everyone has gotten it wrong about the bias.
    It’s only a matter of time before someone else stands up to Mosley and get the wrath of the FIA.

    I don’t seem to remember having such a problem before Mosley became president and having his buddy Ecclestone on his side.I’m not saying f1 went on smoothly before. But there wasn’t as much of a stink surrounding formula one. And formula one wasn’t seen as a joke like it is now by people who watch other motor sports.

    As an aside to my rant i wonder if Bernie Ecclestone will join in with the cost cutting in formula one by reducing the costs of hosting a race and tv rights. I really doubt that big time. Budget capping may be the way forward (i’m not totally convinced as yet), but it needs to be done across the board.
    You cannot have the teams have a much reduced budget and reduced income from the cvc and bernie, and then have the tracks and tv still pay exorbitant amounts to Bernie.

    I still think it is ridiculous to have 50% of f1’s income go outside the sport to people who do nothing for the sport whatsoever.

  4. McLaren 25 kg KERS

    Wow, they certainly have done a good job. Hats off !

    1. KERS already exists in cars like Toyota Prius, but maybe the F1 version will contribute :
      1 – reduced size
      2 – reduced weight
      3 – more power per kilo of weight

      Maybe after all, this will be a transfer of technology to the world of road cars. But at a great expense of suffering, money and sleepless nights: a lot of people in the teams have gone crazy ! just ask Uncle Flav … try not to catch him on a bad day. And Lou, better not even mention it to him. You will dissapear.

  5. Does anyone know heavy the Williams flywheel kers is? I expect that to be much lighter than the McLaren kers.

  6. Does anyone know when Force India will get KERS as I thought the McLaren and Force India technical linkup included the engine, gearbox and KERS.

  7. Lets hope McLaren at least gave Dave Ryan a leaving party down the pub with his fellow McLaren mates, not to mention a nice cheque goodbye…

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