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Here are the British television times for this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix:

Friday 8th May

8.55-10.35 – First practice (online & red button)
12.55-14.35 – Second practice (online & red button)

Saturday 9th May

10.00-11.00 – Third practice (online & red button)
12.10-14.15 – Qualifying live (BBC1)

Sunday 10th May

12.10-15.00 – Race (BBC1)
15.00-16.00 – Race interactive forum (online & red button)
19.00-20.00 – Race highlights (BBC3)

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6 comments on “Spanish Grand Prix TV times”

  1. Scott Joslin
    4th May 2009, 13:15

    I have heard that GP2 is on Setanta this year? Looking at the listings I cannot see race 1 on the website. Only the sprint race on Sunday. Is this true?

    1. Yep both races are on Setanta. Not impressed – you can’t just pay for the races, you have to pay for the entire channels with a ton of garbage I’m never going to watch.

  2. hitchcockm00
    4th May 2009, 22:36

    It’ll probably turn up on justin.

    What time will the GP2 races be?

  3. On ‘one’ in Sydney:

    qualie: sat 2345 { i.e. delayed }

    prerace: sun 2100 – 2155
    race: sun 2155 – 2359 seems the best of the crappy, yet non geo locked internet feeds.

  4. Australian times (Sydney):

    Practice 1 – Friday

    Practice 2 – Friday

    Practice 3 – Saturday

    Qualifying – Saturday

    Race – Sunday
    10PM start

  5. Everyone else probably already knows about this but I just saw it in the listings

    Inside F1

    BBC News Channel today 8/5/09 18:45

    BBC2 10/5/09 Sunday morning 03:55

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