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Rosberg hails Williams’ progress

Nico Rosberg: "Today was our first run with the new aero components on the car and they all seemed to work well. They're giving us a few tenths extra per lap so we've made definite progress.

Spain Press Conference

Press conference with Ross Brawn (Brawn GP), Aldo Costa (Ferrari), Patrick Head (Williams) and Pat Symonds (Renault)

Double diffuser a challenge for Red Bull

Adrian Newey: "It really depends on how many other teams run KERS. The more teams run KERS, the more difficult it becomes in terms of being outdragged down to the first corner.

Lewis honoured by Spanish GP organisers

"World champion Lewis Hamilton added his name to the list of famous drivers and riders celebrated at Champions’ Avenue during a ceremony held today in the Circuit de Catalunya paddock."

Friday analysis – who’s better, and whose best is yet to come?

"Hamilton said that he had wrung everything out of his MP4-24 that it had to give today, and that he is expecting a tough race. Kovalainen echoed his sentiments. Having upgraded their car in all of the races to date, McLaren had less to offer in the way of improvement here."

James Allen’s Friday form guide

"Toro Rosso are now in the same specification as Red Bull were at the start of the season, so they will have taken a step forward."

Haug reveals growing demand for Mercedes KERS

Norbert Haug: “We have had several inquiries [about KERS] both from teams that want to enter in 2010 and teams that are already established.”

USGPE hires NASCAR star designer

"USGPE team principals Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor were in the paddock in Barcelona and revealed that they have begun recruitment for the planned F1 team. The biggest name is that of Dr Eric Warren, a star name from the NASCAR world."

Spain Press Conference

Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Giancarlo Fisichella and Nick Heidfeld

An end to all the speculation

Nick Heidfeld: "We have a new front wing, a new nosecone, new sidepods, a new engine cowl and a revamped diffuser. However, it still isn't what you would describe as a double diffuser. We're planning to introduce that as part of the next big upgrade scheduled for Istanbul. That's when we're also planning to reintroduce KERS. The new aero package that we are using here for the first time leaves no room for our original KERS, and our priority here has to be focusing on the new aerodynamics and adjusting the setup accordingly."

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