Championship standings after Spanish GP

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Drivers’ championship

Jenson Button 41
Rubens Barrichello 27
Sebastian Vettel 23
Mark Webber 15.5
Jarno Trulli 14.5
Timo Glock 12
Fernando Alonso 9
Lewis Hamilton 9
Nick Heidfeld 6
Nico Rosberg 4.5
Heikki Kovalainen 4
Sebastien Buemi 3
Felipe Massa 3
Kimi Raikkonen 3
Sebastien Bourdais 1

Constructors’ championship

Brawn 68
Red Bull 38.5
Toyota 26.5
McLaren 13
Renault 9
Ferrari 6
Williams 4.5
Toro Rosso 4

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18 comments on “Championship standings after Spanish GP”

  1. Championships over

  2. Oh well McLaren still fourth, I’m not sure if this is true, but I heard somewhere McLaren are bringing bigger updates in Monaco. Can anyone confirm this? It is still great for button though, if McLaren can’t win then Brawn is my next choice.

  3. Barrichello has more points than Ferrari, McLaren & BMW combined !

    1. Leahonard_e
      10th May 2009, 20:33

      Last year’s top 4 pilots: Hamilton, Massa, Raikkonen and Kubika; all of them sum up 15 points this season, over 175.5 points rewarded so far… which is 8.5%
      Last year, up to the 5th race, they all sumed up 115 over 195, which was 59%.

  4. I don’t understand Redbull.They pitted wettel two times with Massa.They must be crazy.In Barcelona only you can pass during pit stops.They made good strategy to webber.And weber gained two positon.

  5. schumacherthegreatestever
    10th May 2009, 15:34


    i think they have got more updates for monaco. Mclaren decieded to bring small updates at china and bahrain to make small gains which worked whereas the rest of the grid generally saved their updates for this weekend. i think mclarent will be much stronger at barcelona as aerodynamic efficency isnt the key there its all down to good acceleration and drive from the corners.

    i think the fight for the championship will be between vettel and button now which i think will make intresting viewing. button has always performed well when the car suits him, when the car is not so good he really struggles eg bennetton 01 and honda 07, 08.

    rubens really needs to win in monaco or hel find himself in familiar territory supporting his team mates championship bid.

    the strategy today for him was poor…seemed risky to me when he was in the lead….almost sacrificed 2nd place.

  6. No points for Kubica yet.

  7. Felipe baby stay cool – Your ferrari looks really good (when it has enough fuel).
    Kimi (the Icecream man) – grab yourself another magnum.

  8. Brown brought from Ferrari that ‘bad’ strategy thing of backing up only one “horse”… And with the decision today to keep the 3 pit strategy to Rubens and modify it to 2 pit strategy for Button, we all know where he is putting his money.

    We only need to see Rubens at the press conference after the race and what he said and how he said it… he’s still trying to come in front, but it’s real clear that’s not the Brown master plan…

    He can thank Ross for so many times make him open way for Schumacher at Ferrari and now, sabotage the strategy to make sure Button emerged at P1…

    The only ones, who don’t see it, are the one who still believe the work is all pink and stuff… not me… I’ve see too much already, between soccer and Formula One, referees and stewards… My God… It’s all bought and paid in advance. The show that is put on after is only to entertain the suckers – us….

  9. Back to earth with a bump, this was a bit dull…but congrats to Button who drove an excellent race, even if the “team strategy” had me scratching my head. A couple of nice moves Webber/Alonso in particular, but very few overtaking moves which I know is not unsual for Barcelona but looks like the reg changes done very little to help spice up an always dull race. Hope things get better in Monaco, although even as a Brit I am getting a bit concerned that the championship could be won at the end of the European leg!! I am actually missing the Mclaren v Ferrari scraps!!

    1. indeed, boring reality is setting in. if you’re hoping for passing in monaco, i think you’ll be disappointed ;)

      if this pace (and #1 status) continues, button will be the 2009 champ by rounds 8 (gb) or 9 (germany), with a mathematical lock coming a couple races later. we could be looking at 16/17 for brawn and button!

  10. this year’s championship really socks
    who said it’s going to be an intresting one damn
    last year ferrari and mclaren also bmw and renault
    brown and red bull maybe leading the championship
    but they are not giving us good racing

    1. Do you live in an alternate universe with your names for things?

  11. HounslowBusGarage
    10th May 2009, 23:10

    Mohammed, I really think you need to look more carefully at the five races so far this year.
    I think you will find that we have seen more on-track overtaking so far this year than in the past two seasons put together.
    Martin Brundle said today that the ‘dirty’ air gap has been reduced from two seconds to about 0.75 to one second, and so cars are able to follow closer, faster, for longer. Hopefully the next round of FIA regs will reduce that ‘dirty air’ gap to 0.25 seconds.
    There has been a real revolution on terms of team performance and new stars have emerged to shine very brightly indeed. So far this season (less than a third of the way through) we have had two teams on the top step of the podium, but I think everyone will agree that we will have Ferrari, Toyota, Torro Rosso, BMW and even MacLaren join them on the top step by the end of the year.
    This is one of the most exciting seasons of F1 in the past thirty years.
    And just for me, please could you add some punctuation to make your comments intelligible.

    1. I’m right with you on that.

  12. Of course Button is the overwhelming favourite for the title, but I remain optimistic that we’ll have an exciting end to the season yet.

    As dominant as he has been, I doubt he’ll match Alonso in the first half of 2006. Alonso won 6 out of 9 races, and finished 2nd in the other 3.(!!) And he only just about clinched the title in the end.

    Yes, he was up against Schumacher that time. But I’m thinking the “big boys”, together with Red Bull, will take sufficient points off them as the season rolls along to make it interesting right up to the last couple of races.

  13. Mohammed, what TV channel are you watching watching?? The only thing we haven’t had is snow…Hounslow said it all.

  14. Ferrari have leaped 3 places in the constructors, as they get much closer :-) to the Brawns.

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