Spanish Grand Prix in pictures

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Take a look back at the Spanish Grand Prix with this collection of pictures from the race.

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5 comments on “Spanish Grand Prix in pictures”

  1. Thanks as always, Keith, for the excellent photos. I quite like the one of Webber getting into his car, and the 2nd last one.

    Stands looked emptier than usual, but I’m sure they’ll fill up again once Alonso become slightly more competitive. And the flu fears might have played a little part too?

  2. that was one hell of a race.

  3. Funny….I thought that the Brawn GP rear wheel farings were off during the race, but these pictures show them on. Was I blind yesterday? I would swear that the rear wheels were not the flourescent yellow.

  4. Andrew White
    11th May 2009, 17:04

    Jason, it would seem Button had them on and Barrichello had them off. One of the pictures towards the end shows this (not in the thumbnail but in the full picture).

  5. Does anyone have a picture of Barrichello with the terminator behind him? I saw this view live on tv and found it exhilarating.

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