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Review the Spanish Grand Prix live blog below.

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One comment on “Spanish Grand Prix live blog”

  1. Remember­ last year, last race, last corner? Remember how both­ Toyotas posting almost identical times on that last lap­ to use as evidence that there was no foul­ play?

    Remember the year before, the 17 points gap that­ evapourated within two races? I speculate Mr E promised­ Ferrari the title in return for keeping the McLaren­ drivers in the show and how Kimi didn’t even look­ excited by achieving his dream of becoming a world­ champion?

    Do­ you remember when three drivers (not sure but I think­ in ’97 MS, JV and Frenzen) posted +0.000 in­ qualifying and Murry had to say “trust me there is­ no fix”???

    Did you notice how surprised Button­ was when he got pole position yesterday when he clearly­ didn’t expected?

    I bet Button asked for #1­ status in return for his 50% pay cut. I bet Ruben was­ told whoever is on Pole would be allowed to win the­ hence his BIG shock yesterday. I bet Mr E manipulated­ the Button’s time yesterday.

    Nick Fry said: “We had to split the strategy”
    Rubens didn’t have a choice to switch to 2 stopper.

    Please­ prove me wrong just so I can enjoy real F1 again­ :(


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