Trulli, Sutil, Bourdais and Buemi in four-car crash at start (video)

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Jarno Trulli’s spinning Toyota sparked a destructive four car collision at the start of the Spanish Grand Prix.

The accident started as Fernando Alonso and Nico Rosberg clashed in turn one. Trulli ran wide to avoid the Williams and spun back across the track.

Adrian Sutil could do nothing to avoid the Toyota and the pair made heavy contact.

Meanwhile Sebastien Bourdais slowed to avoid the Toyota and was collected by team mate Sebastian Buemi, putting both Toro Rossos out on the spot.

In one moment, as many cars were eliminated from the Spanish Grand Prix as in the previous two races combined.

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11 comments on “Trulli, Sutil, Bourdais and Buemi in four-car crash at start (video)”

  1. That must have been a great start by Bourdais — or a poor one by Buemi. How did he end up ahead in the first place?

    1. Bad by buemi check the video at 19seconds they are 17th and 18th with hamilton and fisi behind them.

    2. He didn’t, it was Buemi who slowed and Bourdais who ran into him.

  2. Assuming Sutil didn’t run off the track himself, he wouldn’t have been coming back to the middle of the track blind. Not blaming Sutil, but you do get the impressing he could have just hugged the edge of the track until he established where other cars where behind him instead of immediately claiming the middle of the track like he did.

    Piquet seemed to hesitate for far too long thereby tripping the STR cars.

  3. The video has been removed by the user or it’s me ?

  4. This one is not official so it has not been remove but the quality is not so fine

    anyway, they look to go very fast

  5. Here’s the good one in deutch:

  6. Surely Trulli will be penalised? He cut back onto the track infront of half the pack!!

    1. Penalized? For what? He was on the racing line the whole time. Rosberg left the track and cut across in front of him, causing him to spin to avoid. Adrian Sutil, who also cut the corner, came across at the wrong time and they collided causing the whole crash.

  7. I agree with eliott

  8. Video removed ?

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