F1 links: Ecclestone to buy Silverstone?

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Silverstone could be sold to Bernie Ecclestone

"This could be a sign that the BRDC is considering an end to the unequal struggle to make a profit from the grand prix while attempting to meet the financial demands of Bernie Ecclestone, formula one's commercial-rights holder. It could also pave the way for Ecclestone, or his representatives, to purchase Silverstone and run the race as he pleases, an objective that has motivated his battle with the club's members, the majority of whom irritate him intensely."

Formula One gridlock as Ferrari take action

"[Bernie Ecclestone] suggested that Ferrari’s legal action was too late. “It’s good, it keeps it in the bloody newspaper,” he said. “They should have done it before — idiots. They should have done it at the beginning.” Was he worried about its implications? “Nothing frightens me,” he said."

Driving an F1 car (Video)

"What happens when a complete rookie drives an F1 car?" He gets out-qualified by Fernando Alonso 23 races in a row?

David Tremayne: Mosley is running the risk of ending his own dictatorship – Motor Racing, Sport – The Independent

"It remains to be seen whether the same penchant for pushing a dangerous situation to the verge of disaster that he brought to his fight over the sex orgy scandal last year can be made to work again for him this time around."

In-depth interview – Max Mosley

Video interview with Max Mosley on the BBC. He criticises Toyota F1 boss John Howett for being "childish" in trying to lead a walkout during the F1 rules discussions yesterday.

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13 comments on “F1 links: Ecclestone to buy Silverstone?”

  1. Cool, I really enjoyed the “driving an F1 car” video’s…

    1. Check out today’s WTCC safety car incident at Pau in France…


  2. Dirk Gently
    17th May 2009, 22:56

    Bernie Ecclestone buying Silverstone??? That’s like Robert Mugabe buying the UK!

    1. Bartholomew
      18th May 2009, 13:28

      LOL !!!!!
      Thats funny

  3. teeb123456789
    17th May 2009, 23:14

    Maybe if Bernie will buy over it, he might improve the circuit and make it able to stage a F1 in the near future.

  4. I must be a pessemist. Reading that Bernie ecclestone may buy the Silverstone circuit made me think on the down side. I think he would only buy it so he would have control of it and not use it. He seems determined not to use Silverstone or any other circuit if Donnington fails.
    On the other hand i do agree it may be that he wants Silverstone out of the BRDC hands so he can run it the way he wants. He has always had something against the BRDC, especially when Jackie Stewart was president.
    I have doubts that Bernie will buy the circuit anyway, just a news story to get people hoping.

  5. It’s obvious that Piquet jnr has listened too much to his father when it comes to driving a formula one car.
    Piquet snr was not as good as the record books say. But his son, so far, does not look like he should even be in Karting let alone F1.
    Piquet should have been able to master a formula one car by now. It’s not like he is in the worst car on the grid is it.

  6. It would seem that David Tremayne is yet another journalist just rolling out the same stuff already made public by other journo’s. He’s not said anything new.

    We all know that the teams have to stick by their threat to quit or they never have any credibility in the sport ever again. As would Max Mosley if the shoe ends on the other foot.

    A compromise that suits both is best in the long run. I , though, would prefer a compromise that serves the teams better than FIA. F1 is never going to get in better health while max Mosley stays as president. We need new blood in charge of policing F1 and managing F1.

    Even if the teams get all or most of what they want from The FIA, and max and bernie are still there then it’s only a matter of time before we have something new to cause problems for F1. I predict something as early as 2011. something just as big as this now. So in the long run maybe the court case taken by Ferrari may be a good thing in the long run, though maybe not right now. Formula One may have to go through some rough times before we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  7. Oh and Keith, what’s with the links to Max Mosley’s video interview in 2 different threads?

    Is max paying you for publicity? lol

  8. Bernie buying Silverstone – I have seen this coming for at least a year, and unfortunately the BRDC don’t have the spending power to compete with Bernie in the long run. I think he will bring the GP back to the track once he owns it, but I wonder if he would make all the improvements he keeps saying it needs? After all, that would mean spending even more money! And would he sell Circuit Paul Ricard as well? I’m wondering why he keeps it since F1 doesn’t race there and it cannot be used for testing any more….
    Bernie on Ferrari – perhaps they might take him to court too, that would wipe the smug smile off his face :-)

  9. Talking about links. Did everyone see the “safety” car coming out during the WTCC race at Pau?


    (skip till almost the end)

    1. Yeah, I saw that accident live. Made me think immediately that F1 should be glad they have an experienced and excellent safety car driver with Bernd Mayländer.

    2. incredible!

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