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The Monaco Grand Prix weather forecast indicates we’re not going to have a repeat of last year’s heavy rain this time.

Meteo France, official suppliers of weather forecasts to the F1 teams, predicts three days of dry running, though Saturday and Sunday will be cloudy.

The European weather rainfall radar shows no signs of rain in the region over the coming days either.

According to Weather Underground temperatures will be in the low 20s (C) on all three days. It does point to a very slim chance (20%) of rain on Sunday, but the safe bet at this stage is for three days of dry running.

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5 comments on “Monaco Grand Prix weather forecast”

  1. At least dry weather running is better for the drivers. Ican only imagine how hard and dangerous it is to drive at Monaco in heavy rain.
    It’s bad enough on the playstation lol.

    1. Yes it always rains when I’m driving at Monaco! Its a fix :-)

  2. Lets be honest, we’re all a little bit disappointed there’ll be no rain :P

    At least the one thing you can say for Monaco is that it’s generally fantastic wet or dry. :)

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