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Review the Monaco Grand Prix Practice 1 live blog below.

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13 comments on “Monaco Grand Prix Practice 1 Live Blog”

  1. “The host has disabled reader comments.”

  2. same problem as mail123456 “The host has disabled reader comments”.

  3. Keith why do they practice on a Thurs in Monaco and not Friday like all other circuits?

  4. Good morning everyone !

    I got the same problem…

  5. I see in the pictures from the official site that the front wing of McLaren is also different. It looks quite complex…. but maybe I’m wrong

  6. ooops can’t post comment in the live blog window

  7. Bret M

    It is to let the City “breath” during the F1 week…for it is still a living breathing working city during the GP……they can’t just shut it for 3 days….

    So, on friday, no practice..instead, you have 1 Million F1 tourists clogging up the place and doing a “lap” at 0.5kmh… :)

  8. “The host has disabled reader comments.”

    same thing here

  9. How soon till they realise nobody else is chatting with them? :D

  10. what’s with the order in the official live timing ? not sorted based on car number

  11. Hello?

    Someone has to buzz keith to let him know… we need to pitch in here.

    sure this will be resolved shortly (me hoping)

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