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Gloria wants to know when the 2010 F1 calendar will be announced

I’ve been sent a few questions about F1 drivers’ helmets, the 2010 F1 calendar and how the teams help the drivers improve their racing lines.

Here’s my answers – add your comments and send in questions of your own below.


First, a couple of questions about helmets:

I’m a huge Fisichella fan in particular and have followed his entire F1 career! I hope he can get a drive for next season – fingers crossed! I was wondering if you could possibly help me with a problem I’ve had in finding some pics of his helmet for this season.

This website is the only one I can find with such high quality and beautiful pics of his helmet. Unfortunately, there is only three pics – only showing the sides and front. I am desperately hoping you might be able to supply me with a couple more showing detail from the rear and the top.

I’ve had a look around and I’m also finding it difficult to get pictures showing the back of Fisichella’s helmet in much detail. See below for a couple of images, but if anyone’s got any better shots please post links in the comments.

I was wondering do you have pictures of the Brawn helmets?
Eric Ng

When I did the F1 drivers’ helmets round-up there wasn’t any pictures of the Brawn drivers’ new designs. I’ve added some pictures below.

Jenson Button adopted his usual ‘JB’/Union Flag design to mix in the day-glo yellow colours of Brawn. He ahs had various different styles of ‘Virgin’ logo on the front visor, and sometimes run with ‘Brawn GP’ on there instead.

Rubens Barrichello started the year in a similar vein with w ‘Brawn’ interpretation of his usual design. But he has now reverted back to his usual style. Pictures below:

Images (C) Brawn GP, Force India F1 Team

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2010 F1 calendar

When do you expect the 2010 profissional racing calender to be announced please

Details about forthcoming calendars tend to come out in stages. Last year a provisional calendar for 2009 was published in June, and an updated version was revealed in October – this was when we learned that Canada would not be on this year’s calendar. Then just over a week later it was announced that the French round was being axed as well.

Based on that, we’re likely to see a provisional calendar in the next month or so but we can make an informed guess at what it’s likely to be like as most of the venues on this year’s calendar have contracts for next year. See here: 2010 F1 calendar.

There is doubt over whether the British Grand Prix’s planned move to Donington Park will actually happen. Plus, as I write this, the teams and the governing body are trying to resolve a deadlock that could jeopardise the running of next year’s championship…

Read more: 2010 F1 calendar

2010 Shanghai Expo

Sticking with the calendar for next year, Mark has a question about the Chinese Grand Prix:

The Expo in Shanghai is from May 1st 2010 right through until End of October. Do you know if it will affect the GP?
Mark Draycott

Anyone who watched the last two Chinese Grands Prix cannot fail to have noticed the two enormous ‘Expo 2012’ adverts in one of the huge grandstands where the spectators should be…

The Chinese Grand Prix moved to a new April slot this year, so if it stays there in 2010 it won’t clash with the Expo.

Pace notes

Finally, Nikhil asks:

One of my friends thinks that F1 drivers are given navigational instructions about the circuit, like those given to WRC drivers throughout the race. I know for sure that radio communication between F1 drivers and their teams are not even remotely navigational, but rather are more of updates and discussions about race strategies, and race incidents.

Can you reply with the clarification regarding this? I will be able to clear my friend’s misconception, that way.

F1 drivers definitely don’t get rally-style ‘pace notes’ during a race. However they are likely to be told what parts of the circuit they’re losing time on relative to their team mate to help them improve their driving style.

We often see diagrams of circuits pictured inside drivers’ cockpits. This is so the drivers can check they refer to the corners of the circuit using the same numbers as their teams to avoid confusion.

Send in your questions – and answers

If you can help add to any of these answers please post a comment below.

And if you’ve got an F1 question of your own please send them in – you can email me, send a Tweet or leave a comment.

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  1. I’m just glad rubens changed his helmet back. it was quite difficult to tell him and jenson apart. I found a good photo of the back of fisi’s helmet:

  2. @ Phil & Eric Ng
    Are you menbers of the official team/driver club? If so they should help. If not you can always write to Fisi or Brawn (I`d enclose a s.a.e.) & request their help.
    Fisi takes questions via his management at
    For Brawn see their
    team website where the links to the drivers sites are also given.

    1. Link for Fisi didn`t work …..

  3. Is that a star of david on top of Rubens helmet?

    1. As far I know, it’s just a regular star.

    2. It is the Star of David yes… I saw some write up on this a while ago… will try finding a link to it.

  4. Regarding the 2010 calendar. After what I just read about the FOTA meeting, prior to their sit-down with Max today, there might not be a need to put together a calendar for 2010. Apparently all teams are now unified in their pull out if the budget thing can’t be resolved, quickly, and to the satisfaction of FOTA.

  5. I’m constantly amazed how you have access too and keep all this information in your head Keith. Thanks again for a great site, info, passionate debates, etc…

  6. Reverted back is a tautology and it should be ‘…he has now reverted to his u…’

  7. here are some pictures of force india helmets..

  8. do all teams use new cars for every race?

  9. I had difficulties reading your blog with google chrome, you should update your blog

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