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Here’s a round-up of F1 news and other interesting links I’ve found today.

If you’ve spotted a hot news story, interesting new website or just something funny from the world of F1, please share your links in the comments below.

Williams ‘not trying to split’ Formula One

Adam Parr: "One thing I would like to make clear is that there is no agenda on the part of Williams. We are not trying to split the teams. We are not even trying to dissuade them." Interestingly, Williams put out a press release about their FOTA ‘suspension’, but FOTA did not. (Thanks to Persempre for the tip)

IMS denies George has been sacked

"American media reports suggested that George had essentially been fired by his three sisters, who were angry over excessive spending estimated at $600 million since he started the Indy Racing League in 1996. That report and others indicated the IMS board might be interested in hiring Humpy Wheeler to replace George." Conflicting reports over the future of Tony George, who played a pivotal role in the infamous and destructive CART-IRL split, and brought F1 to the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway from 2000 to 2007.

Poster babe puts F1 aces in a spin

The story implies the poster at Portier was taken down – it wasn't.

Donington running on empty ahead of British Grand Prix

"Prior to his involvement with Donington, Mr Gillett fronted a plan to transform 400 acres of disused mining land in Wales into a motor sport centre complete with a 60-room hotel and conference facility. This is strikingly similar to the plans for Donington's redevelopment, which are also anticipate a hotel built on site. Mr Gillett was managing director and joint-owner of Innovate Motorsport which hoped to raise £20m to fund the project. However, its planning permission application was turned down in 2004. The financial mess that Innovate left behind is yet to be resolved."

Jenson Button’s dominant form has drawback

"The Briton could be champion by the end of August or early September. This would leave up to four “dead rubbers” at the end of the season – the second night-time grand prix in Singapore and the races in Japan, Brazil and Abu Dhabi. This would be a huge turn-off for spectators around the world and a commercial disaster for the sport's sponsors."

Germany bans cola after drug test

Red Bull really does give you wings…

I find it hard to imagine not watching the races just because the championship's been settled… but then I'm an F1 fanatic!

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19 comments on “F1 links: FOTA exclude Williams”

  1. no-win situation (unfortunate pun) for williams. their entire reason for being is to race in f1, and are 100% committed to due so until 2012, or:

    they have absolutely nothing else to do
    they give back all sponsorship money
    they give up the 2nd or 3rd largest purse among teams
    bernie will sue the wheelchair right out from under frank

  2. Alex Cooper
    28th May 2009, 7:34

    Williams also, desperately, need sponsorship for next season as they will certainly lose RBS and possibly a few other sponsors at the end of this season as well.

    By signalling their intent early for next year they can get on with finding stickers for their 2010 car.

  3. Actually, Williams will keep RBS untill the end of the 2010 which means they will need new sponsor in 2011.

    A bit of a harsh decision from FOTA IMHO, Willams hand was forced as they have a deal with Bernie which they signed when they took money in advance and are obliged to participate untill 2012.

  4. That poster was in view from Portier, and Hamilton crashed in Mirabeau. Yet the Star say it caused is crash? Spin, spin, spin.

  5. I would still watch F1 if the title was decided early, I did in the Schumacher years and I am not a Ferrari fan, but like you say most of us are fans of F1.

    In the days of non-championship races, or in seasons when the championship was won before the last round, did they attract significantly lower viewing figures?

    1. The UK didn`t get regular coverage of F1 until Hunt came on the scene. Before that there were the odd, usually ‘highlight’-type programmes covering races like GB & Monaco.
      There were also less GPs per year.
      I think it`s sad that people only want to watch until the Drivers Title is won. Quite often there`s more enjoyable stuff going on in the mid or back field.

  6. Real Coca-Cola contains traces of cocaine too, hence the name. Have the Germans only just realised?
    Is the Williams ‘suspension’ from FOTA just a spin from them to get some sympathy from the fans? Fine, they need to race to provide the jobs, but even Frank must be able to see there are other racing series available? Or are they so tied into FIA/FOM contracts theres no way out?

    1. Mainly the latter, DGR-F1.
      That`s why all the talk by fans of a breakaway series is not much more than wishful thinking, particularly in the short term.
      Between FOM & FIA the teams are trussed up like a turkey at Christmas. Any wonder that they want a greater say in their own futures?

    2. coca-cola hasn’t contained either cocaine or cola nut extract in over 100 years.

  7. Williams excluded – I interpret this as the first hostile and agressive shot being fired across the bow of other teams willing to do the same as Williams by submitting their entry. Who will be the next team brave enough to stand up to Ferrari’s school yard bullying tactics. Lets have a poll…

  8. If the bully gets them a better deal, more money & more control over their own sport is it still a bully or could it be that the others might just be called cowards?

    1. I`ll rephrase that because it came across rather abrupt, sorry.
      This isn`t just about Ferrari although from the English-speaking media you`d be forgiven for thinking so. That`s just their usual bias.
      Everyone knows that whoever has Ferrari onside has the stronger hand to play. That`s why the FIA & Bernie have always gone out of their way (even if it meant special contracts) to get them. Max & Bernie`s way of using divide & conquer.
      All the teams look after their own interests. Williams is doing this by signing. The other teams understand why but, by doing so, Williams have broken an agreement within FOTA & the organisation had little choice but to temporarily suspend them.
      If Ferrari get all the teams a better deal are they still bullies or are they the big boy in the playground that has looked after not only himself but a lot of smaller kids against the two playground thugs?

    2. So if the negotiations fail do you think Ferrari will be leading the teams towards the creation of a new racing series?
      However, I have the feeling it will suddenly be resolved tomorrow, and Max and Bernie will have all the teams signing for another 5 years with even stricter contracts.
      But if Ferrari lead a FOTA walkout tomorrow, would Williams go with them?

  9. Was that a question to me, DGR-F1?
    The teams have not mentioned a breakway series. All that`s been said was they would race elsewhere. It`s the fans who have grasped the idea of another series. I don`t think it`s is something that could be done quickly or easily. So, answering your question, no I don`t think so.

  10. I think the real question would be can Max and Bernie stop Williams from running in both series IF Ferrari do lead a FOTA walkout and create a new FOTA-F1 series?

  11. Bigbadderboom
    28th May 2009, 12:54

    There can be no breakaway racing series, it is purely wishful thinking on the fans part, single seat racing is over diluted as it is. And there are so many contractural obligations and commercial interests that splitting the sport would do so much damage commercially in terms of sponsors and in terms of public support that it’s not a realistic outcome.

    I feel sorry for Frank Williams, he had no choice, and probably hasn’t got the disposable funds to support posting a late entry (Remember there are considerable extra costs in doing this). And we all know Bernie has been getting very trigger happy with his legal threats in the last month, Frank has an obligation and FOTA should consider this, Williams was the only team (I know of) that had this set up as he has drawn from Bernies funds already.

    This dispute about the caps was always going to be resolved, and we must remember it’s not the real issue, FOTA are looking for a large chunk of the governance of F1, that is going to remain the stumbling block.

  12. “And it emerged that champ Lewis Hamilton, 24, crashed in Saturday’s qualifying round just metres from the site of the sultry poster.”

    And here was me thinking it was the bumpy street surface on the world’s most challenging circuit that unsettled the car… Good God they write some crap.

    1. I reiterate, he crashed in Mirabeau, the poster was in sight in the straight from louws above portier. So yeah, they right a lot of crap! :)

    2. So yeah, they right a lot of crap!

      Well, yes and no…

      …Yes, they right a lot of crap.

      However, no… if you think laterally about it… where Lewis crashed was meters away from the poster…you just have to jump over the tyres and barriers, and you are standing above the wall to the left of Portier, right next to the poster.

      It’s still b_ll_x though, because Lewis never saw the Poster before he crashed, as had been said he would need to get round the Loews hairpin before it came into sight for him, and he crashed at the corner before (Mirabeau).

      The spin as always a bit wide of the mark.

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