F1 links: Doubts over Hungary, too

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Here’s a round-up of F1 news and other interesting links I’ve found today.

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Hungary considers its F1 bills

"Government spokesman Domokos Szollar [is] saying that while the government appreciates what the Grand Prix does for tourism in Budapest, the financing of the race between 2012 and 2016 is yet to be finalised."

That’s it. All bets are off.

"If Jenson Button is not world champion by the end of the summer then quite frankly I will be astonished. His victory on the streets of Monte Carlo on Sunday was another incredible chapter what is fast becoming one of the great sporting comebacks."

Briatore to buy Renault F1 Team?

"According to the Italian media, Flavio Briatore could buy the Renault Formula One team as rumours about an exit of the French carmaker is ongoing for months."

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14 comments on “F1 links: Doubts over Hungary, too”

  1. Prisoner Monkeys
    30th May 2009, 2:21

    No more Hungary?

    I know it’s one of everybody’s least-favourite circuits, but I have to admit that it’s endeared itself to me somewhat because of all the circuits on the calendar, the Hungaroring is the most likely to produce an unexpected result: seven different winners in the past seven years.

    1. the Hungaroring is the most likely to produce an unexpected result: seven different winners in the past seven years.

      Heh. No, that’s the wrong way to look at it.
      When there is a dull, processional race, with no overtaking, no action, and with the eventual winner leading from start to finish, the fact that there was a different winner the year before doesn’t make it exciting, nor does it make it unexpected when you have sat there for 1,5 hours and almost fell asleep.

  2. Terry Fabulous
    30th May 2009, 2:44

    No More Hungary – Dear God let it be true

  3. Terry Fabulous
    30th May 2009, 2:46

    Actually I must admit that it is one of my fav circuits on F12006 on the playstation.

    But otherwise, not sorry to see it go.

    1. Lol. Thats only because you can go from 22nd to 5th in the first corner…

  4. I`ve never been a great fan of the Hungaroring (nor of the new Fuji) so I won`t be too sad. Until, that is, Hungary`s replacement is announced & it means getting up in the middle of the night or, more likely, watching a Scalextric race under floodlights.

  5. I like some of the corners on the Hungaroring, turn 11 is a particularly fun corner to watch onboard. However, the racing is truly dreadful. Its not hard to see why though, with corner after corner with few long straights.

    Even a lot of the GP2 races are boring on the Hungaroring.

  6. That would be great if Hungary went. All these new circuits to try and improve racing… Replace the boring ones like Hungary not Montreal and Indy!!

  7. I would love to see the new track at Portugal take it’s spot. And I do know the MotoGP guys will be racing at a new track in Hungary next year but I doubt it has F1 potential.

  8. Bigbadderboom
    30th May 2009, 19:37

    Will the loss of Hungary be a shame?? It depends what we get instead!!! as already said by persembre, i don’t wnat to be watching night floodlit races in remote locations with no atmosphere.

  9. Briatore is loaded and clearly has not over extended himself since buying an English football team. Good luck to him…

  10. I think the Hungaro has grown on me over the years, call it Cold War nostalgia or something, but it has a certain ummm…Well I’m thinking…there must be something. Anything?

    Sorry to hear Renault might be going…but honestly that ING livery is so ugly and their TV ads are well, nauseating … they deserve to lose. Maybe Flavio can make the car “pretty” again.

    Tommy, lovely job on the Gulf Aston!

    I think they should use the Aston marque. Pro Drive sounds like a cheap Chinese tool in the bargain bin at TESCO. I guess I’d rather see a losing Aston than a losing Pro Drive…Makes sense to me anyway.

    1. I think they should use the Aston marque. Pro Drive sounds like a cheap Chinese tool in the bargain bin at TESCO.

      For some of us Prodrive is a very well respected racing company, they may not have the history of Aston Martin but they’re a serious racing outfit who have won lots of World Championships.

      Personally, I’d rather they entered as Prodrive than being a fake Aston Martin team. The only input Aston Martin will probably have to the car is the paint job.

      Check them out:

  11. Wow, Briatore Racing. Whatever next? :-)

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