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This year’s Turkish Grand Prix is expected to be run in much warmer weather than last year.

The 2008 Turkish Grand Prix was the first time the race had been held early in the season, and teams were greeted by much cooler conditions than they had been used to when the race was held in August.

Early forecasts for this weekend are for dry weather with temperatures in the mid-20s (Celsius). This is close to the typical maximum temperatures in Istanbul at this time of year.

There is a chance that scattered showers may disrupt the Friday running, but otherwise it looks certain the Turkish Grand Prix qualifying and race will be held in dry conditions.

Since the first running of the Turkish Grand Prix in 2005 the race has always been held in dry weather. However when rain falls at the circuit, it often arrives in enormous bursts. The organisers of the World Touring Car Championship discovered this in 2006, having to delay the start of their second race by two hours.

Location of the Istanbul Park circuit

The Istanbul Park track lies to the east of Istanbul:

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