Red Bull’s new motorhome (Pictures)

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Red Bull has a replacement for its Energy Station motorhome
Red Bull has a replacement for its Energy Station motorhome

Red Bull’s sprawling mega-motorhome, dubbed the ‘Energy Station’, has been temporarily replaced for the Turkish Grand Prix.

Unable to get their Monaco Grand Prix ‘floaterhome’ (I still hate that word) moved in time, the team brought this one along instead.

It’s usually used for truck racing, which begs the question, is there any form of motor racing Red Bull aren’t involved in?

Here’s what the team had to say about theit new home away from home:

We?ve got a new Energy Station this weekend.

Well, it?s not actually knew, but our team and hospitality unit in the Istanbul Paddock is the one usually used by Red Bull for truck racing and other events.

Logistically, the task of dismantling our floating fun palace in Monaco and getting it to Turkey in time was just too demanding, so this unit was called into service.

Very nice it is too and the fun part is the journalists walking in and looking around them in a state of utter confusion.

Confusing the journalists? It?s as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

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15 comments on “Red Bull’s new motorhome (Pictures)”

  1. MotorChrome… with that mirrored logo.

  2. Wait, Red Bull have an oversized expensive motorhome for… truck racing?

  3. A new party pad for this weekend. Nice…

  4. OK, I am now for the budget cap. ;)

    1. I concur… ridiculously conspicuous consumption

      1. LOL – Maybe, like Ferrari, their motorhome was paid for by sponsors? Not quite sure how that one would work under the cap ;)

      2. @ Lustigson

        The budget cap excludes motorhomes and hospitality :)

        These motorhomes tend to get built in 3/4/5 days, I forget the exact figures but I believe the McLaren ‘motorhome’ (you can hardly call a 3 story structure a motorhome) is built using 9 arctic lorries (another arctic for the furniture) and 20 men… lotta work!
        The Red Bull setup is very clever, the majority of it is truss, which is quick and easy to put together, but yes a logistical nightmare!

  5. Its amazing what they bring to the Paddock every week. Can you imagine having to take stuff like this down and putting it back up a few days to a week or so later? Must be what it is like to be on the road with the WWE wrestling gig.

  6. So what happened to their previous land-lubber motorhome (the one they had in Barcelona)? Was it put on a barge to become the Monaco floater-home (and will be returning to land service at Silverstone)? Or has it been completely retired?

  7. Apparently no one here is familiar with NASCAR.

    At several tracks the Cup series goes to, Red Bull takes this structure (or something very similar) and sets up shop somewhere close to a portion of the backstretch wall. There’s always a party going on over there during the races and well into the nights on race weekends.

    Red Bull = the spirit of motorsport.

    1. A passion for F1 does not equal a passion for NASCAR…

  8. What does that even mean?

  9. I like it :)

  10. mmmmmm……Red Bull girls.

    1. yes missing photos of them

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