Turkish Grand Prix Practice 1 live blog

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Review the Turkish Grand Prix Practice 1 live blog below.

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5 comments on “Turkish Grand Prix Practice 1 live blog”

  1. brawn with a new front wing..looks like they now have a movable front wing..looking menacing the brawn cars

    1. Yeah I noticed the new front wing too. Although they had already had a moveable wing before, it was just the inward triangular sections that moved. Looks like it has a single main-plane now, similar to Ferrari. Meanwhile I think I saw that Toyota has moved to a more bi-plane wing. Interesting…

  2. Can’t access the live blog… Just get that spinning thing again… *grr*

  3. Why does Rosberg not pull it together in a race? The car is quick!?
    Keith which teams have updates for this weekend? And what parts etc?
    Do we know which teams have a moveable front wing?

    Also, its only 2 seconds that covers the whole field! Is this the closest F1 has ever been?
    I remember when I was a kid, there was something where the cars that qualified more than a certain percentage slower than pole could not race?

  4. WARNING! This post contains a rant…
    Wathching FP1 this morning, and noticed the astro-turf peeling off at the edge of the track (it eventually caused the session to be red flagged). This sort of problem would never occur if there was proper grass or a gravel trap there, as I think there should be. Astro-turf, tarmac and painted concrete are now used as run-off, which I think detracts from the challenge of driving a circuit; before if you went off the circuit you got beached in the gravel ot took a lengthly trip across the grass, now you just drive back on again, and I think that’s a shame.
    Remember… It’s just my view.
    P.S. Tarmac runoff looks awfully dull too.

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