Toyota Turkish GP preview (Video)

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Timo Glock looks ahead to this weekend’s Turkish Grand Prix and answers questions from fans in this video from Toyota.

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6 comments on “Toyota Turkish GP preview (Video)”

  1. Hey, I can’t postmy prediction… what’s wrong?

  2. Aww… c’mon, I didn’t realize that the local time was different from Istanbul time, it’s 10.11, I am not watching the practice and I have a bad hangover… Keith, can you give me a hand here? I’ll try anyway –
    Here’s my prediction


  3. Sorry Flig but there has to be a cut-off point :-(

  4. oh yeah, allright, ok. I was all wrong anyway. I keep hoping for Renault and BMW to get in the fight, but unfortunately, it seems that we’ll see RBR and Brawn in front until next year.

  5. Germany has the autobahn where sections of it do not have speed restrictions, so no speeding fines for Glock there…

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